Wellness 123

Wellness 123

Staying well is paramount if you want to enjoy life to the fullest. We believe you can maintain wellness following our ReVamp Wellness Mantra so that you will have energy to continue your physical hobbies or be active with your children/grandchildren for years to come. Who doesn't want to still have a spring in their step at retirement age?

In a way, how you look on the outside is a reflection of the state of your internal cells, which is why we have discussed revamping your skin first, but we are as interested in your overall vitality.

We all know the usual wellness mantra:

  • eat well
  • hydrate
  • exercise regularly
  • get lots of sleep
  • things in moderation not to excess

and we're not going to argue with that., but we want to bring to your attention 2 more important factors in our ReVamp Wellness Mantra - stress management and gene expression

ReVamp Wellness Mantra

  • eat well - have a colourful plate
  • hydrate - drink plenty of water
  • exercise regularly - short and often is better than no exercise
  • get lots of sleep
  • things in moderation not to excess
  • choose to be happy. Laugh more. Stay present. Meditate. Kick stress to the curb
  • take a supplement to optimise your anti-oxidant levels
  • keep the expression of your genes in balance - for example with a healthy lifestyle and supplements, but also by being careful with your self-talk and your underlying beliefs about your health
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