How to make one change to age less so you can play more

How to make one change to age less so you can play more

When I was young, I played the violin. It sounded ok when I played alone but when I played in the orchestra, that was when it sounded amazing.

And ageing is a bit like the orchestra. It’s not just one instrument, there are many and they need to operate in harmony for the best results.

And it’s no good just tuning the violin for a pure sound, every instrument in the orchestra needs to be in tune.

I find that this analogy makes it easier when talking about ageing.

There are so many claims that this pill or that herb or that juice will keep you youthful. And each of these may be beneficial but they are like violins without an orchestra.

A quick fix sounds so appealing but it just won’t give you the results you want.

To remain youthful, you need the whole orchestra to play in tune.

What causes ageing?

I’m not talking about getting older, I’m talking about ageing. We all grow older everyday but we don’t age at the same rate. I’m sure you’re aware of people who look much younger than what you’d expect from the number of candles on the cake.

Ageing is the result of damage at the cellular level which then translates into how your organs function and your body copes on a day to day basis.

The body has built in anti-ageing mechanisms

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