Finally a lash solution I'm happy to try

Finally a lash solution I'm happy to try

Long Strong Eyelashes - who doesn't want them? But what are you prepared to do to get them?

Eye Lash Extensions - tried them but they're not for me

I'm putting my hands up - I did try eyelash extensions for a while. I loved the long eyelash look and they looked great immediately afterwards, but....... Yes, there is a but. Sometimes the glue on a particular lash would lose it's effectiveness well before the 'reapply date' and then the extension would sort of hang from my lash and be extremely annoying.

An annoying lash extension would mean I would try and extricate it from my lash. I'm not sure if the glue weakened my lashes over time but what happened was that my actual lashes would break. And break quite easily.

So, after a few months of eyelash extensions I gave up on them and crossed my fingers

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