An Early Morning Ritual to Reduce Belly Fat

What if there was a way to boost fat burning and get rid of your belly fat?

Would you be interested?

Let me share with you my personal ritual that I have started to do this.

  1. I have a morning ritual where I take time for me - this could be considered a mindfulness exercise and as such will reduce stress. The stress hormone, cortisol, is a big culprit in depositing fat particularly around the belly.
  2. I practice intermittent fasting as much as I can - no, I don't have a whole day of not eating! Instead I try to eat early in the evening and then have a period of fasting before I break that with breakfast. A period of 14 hours (16 if you're male) without food overnight counts as fasting. You can have drinks, like water, tea and coffee. This means your body is in fat-burning mode for longer
  3. I jumpstart this ritual regularly with 15 day JUMPSTART tea.

And my JUMPSTART tea is filled with goodies from nature that are known to burn fat and aid weight management

  • Prickly pear - the fibre from prickly pear has been shown to bind with fat and remove it from the gut aiding weight loss
  • Blood Orange - studies have shown that the peel has anti-obesity properties. The peel also prevents sudden spikes in blood sugar which can be particularly problematic if you have diabetes. And then, there are all the anti-oxidant benefits as well
  • Saffron - has long been known to help in weight loss. It's believed to occur because saffron increases serotonin levels and this in turn helps cravings. You will feel fuller with less and so reduce what you eat. The serotonin effect is also probably why saffron is good in people with depression
  • Pomegranate - has a number of benefits including helping you feel full and so reducing cravings. It also has anti-oxidant properties that help the inflammation that can occur with weight issues.

What do you think you could do as part of a morning ritual to help burn fat, particularly that problematic belly fat?

If you would like to jumpstart your day with JUMPSTART, speak to the person who directed you to this page or contact me directly. You can add it to any beverage or have it a tea like I do