Foods to Keep you Young

Do you think that you can affect how you age or do you think that it is predetermined? Do you think that it depends on your genes?

Well, as I spoke about in the article about telomeres, we actually can influence how we age . One way is by increasing the lifespan of our cells by increasing the length of the telomeres (the ends of our DNA that sort of resemble the plastic ends of shoelaces that stop them unravelling). We can also change the ways our genes express themselves.

Changing gene expression and increasing telomere length are ways that we can stay healthier for longer.

So, today I want to introduce you to foods that keep you young. The infographic below summarises healthy foods to add to your diet.

Foods to keep you young

Foods to keep you young

Anti-oxidant Rich Foods

Eating healthy so you remain healthy can be achieved by having a diet rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants 'mop up' free radicals which if left unchecked will damage healthy cells and set up 'out of control' inflammation, which underlies most disease.

To have a diet rich in anti-oxidants, follow these tips:

  • avoid processed foods as much as possible. Ask yourself 'is this from a plant or made in a plant' - clearly, if made in a plant, try and avoid. As a general rule, processed foods are not high in anti-oxidants
  • have a colourful plate - adding colour usually means adding vegetables and these are mostly coloured by carotenoids which are powerful anti-oxidants
  • eat a variety of fruits which are rich in Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants
  • add green, leafy vegetables to your diet and even add to your smoothies
  • regularly have oily fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel which are high in omega-3 oils
  • nuts are rich in anti-oxidants and make healthy snacks
  • whole grains (but not refined grains) contain polyphenols which are anti-oxidants - in order of high to low there are anti-oxidants in whole wheat, whole corn, whole oats and whole (brown) rice. It's a wise move to change cereals and breads from refined to those with whole grains
  • dark chocolate can be eaten in moderation, and is good for the heart, in particular,  but avoid milk chocolate which does not have anti-oxidants

How Do I Know if I have Enough Anti-oxidants?

Well this is the question that seems to be a moving feast :-). I recall thatnot that long ago the recommendation was 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day but the latest recommendation is more. I have seen various recommendations, from 7-9 servings, 10 servings and I won't be surprised if the recommendation changes again.

I have given up trying to guess what's best for my health in terms of servings. I take an anti-oxidant rich supplement to ensure I keep my cells healthy which, of course, means I remain healthy.

But more than that, I measure my body's anti-oxidants. Actually, I measure my skin carotenoid score (SCS) which is a good measure of of total body anti-oxidant activity.

My latest skin carotenoid score (SCS) was 77,000 which is in the high, platinum range, so I know what I'm doing is working. Perhaps you are also taking supplements, but do you know how effective they are? The supplements I take come with a money-back guarantee so if there is no increase in the SCS, then money back.

The SCS is measured by a Biophotonic scanner (S3) that uses Resonance Raman Spectroscopy - it's very simple and non-invasive. I just held the palm of my hand over the light source and shortly after my score was recorded.

Anti-oxidant supplement acting on gene expression

The anti-oxidant supplement I take is called Y Span (also known as Youth in the US) and research has shown that it acts at the level of gene expression resetting to the youthful state. This supplement has powerful anti-inflammatory properties because it is anti-oxidant rich, so not only will it keep you healthy but it can help ease inflammatory conditions.

To find out more about Y Span (Youth), or to order your own, speak to the person who directed you to this page or contact us.

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