Who said Peter Pan was fiction?

Ok, Peter Pan is a piece of fiction. It holds a place close to my heart, mainly because it was written by JM Barrie and he bequeathed (great word) the proceeds to The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond St, London where I spent time working during my paediatric training.

But back to the point of this post, Peter Pan was forever youthful. I don't suppose anyone wants to stay a child but maintaining your youthful looks is something that is aspired to by so many and you don't have to resort to surgery or invasive procedures like Botox and fillers to achieve it.

Can you really turn back time with your skincare and/or health supplements. It seems a tall order, but actually you can.

One of the things I love most about the products we promote and sell is the science behind them. Products in the ageLOC range actually decouple biological aging from chronological aging.

Decoupling biological and chronological aging

Ok, so what does that mean? Basically, it means that as you are getting older, and we all do that, your cells (the biology) are not. They have been unhooked from the passage of time, if you like. Your cells are actually operating at a younger age.

So, what does that mean for you. It means:

  • firmer, clearer more youthful skin
  • more energy
  • more efficient metabolism

and the list goes on, depending what ageLOC product you are using.

ageLOC science explained

In this short video, I explain more about the science and show you graphics that will help you get a visual of why this range is so phenomenal

What's in the range?

If you're wondering what products are actually in the range, here are a few:

  • daily skincare regime, including the ageLOC me, Transformation and Elements ranges
  • targeted skincare to firm the skin - Tru Face Essence Ultra
  • anti-aging anti-oxidant rich supplement that reduces inflammation in the body
  • supplement that improved overall energy and vitality
  • weight management program
  • galvanic spa systems for the face and body

How can I get these products that turn back time?

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