That G Word

If you have ever felt stuck.

If you have ever sat and thought

“There has to be MORE to life than just THIS”

then grab a cuppa and settle in because you are going to LOVE this info.

I am going to share a trick with you that will help you move OUT of ‘there has got to be more to life than this hamster wheel” and move you into

‘Heck Yeah, I’m living the dream!!’

Big Call! I KNOW.

And here’s the deal.

There are literally thousands and thousands of programs and courses you can buy online, ‘how to’ books that promise to teach you how to be a better this, a thinner that.

People creating these wonderful courses know what you want – because they have been looking for it too. We all want to know there is more to life than getting up, working, coming home tired, and then rinse and repeating for the next 45 years!!

We all want to find our PASSION

To find that higher meaning.

But before you invest in another SELF HELP course, before you BUY another book that promises a step by step guide to becoming a brilliant millionaire, or super model-esque hottie at the beach this summer

I ask you to try this little game.

I talk about Gratitude so often is seems crazy to write another blog that focuses on this topic.  And though this is kind of about that pesky G word that we often roll our eyes at, and try to avoid because its SO hippy commune! its also just a little different.

So hangwith me- because here is another perspective.

Just a simple lesson, (or life hack) that has and continues to, create big shifts.

No expensive equipment to buy.

If you have NOTHING (or what feels like nothing).

No money in the bank

No food in the cupboard.

No money to pay rent this week

No clothes that fit

No love of your life

No car – or even a bike and

No money for bus fare

I KNOW that if you think for a few seconds, You can still find SOMETHING.

Do you have friends or family who love and appreciate you?

Do you have access to clean fresh water

Do you have a pair of shoes that could get you through the winter (if they had to)

Do you have toothpaste to clean your teeth.

Do you have fresh air you can breathe.

Do you have a nearby park you could walk in .


We ALL have SOMETHING. Its worth repeating: We all have SOMETHING.

Sometimes we just forget.

Saying that we take it all for granted sounds very judgey and is a bit unfair (I think)

My theory is that we are so focused on the things we WANT(and/or NEED), that all we can see is what we don’t have, and that creates this issue that it’s not obvious to notice all of the wonderful blessings that we do have.

Quite frankly – if you woke up this morning, with breathe in your lungs and you are able to read this blog post – YOU HAVE SOMETHING. YOU HAVE A FEW SOMETHINGS.

And so – Here is your game. Try this for one week.


List a few of the ways that your life sucks right now.

What are those problems that seem to be consuming you.

Then on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being they don’t really bother you at all, and 10 being you can hardly breath they are SO devastatingly dire) note how bad these things are for you.

Then: WRITE down 5 things that you HAVE (fresh water, shoes, friends, family, electricity, food) whatever. It doesn’t matter how BASIC the list is. Do you have it in your house, cupboards or workplace.

Just find 5 things.

And then take a few seconds to read that list and just ponder how lucky you are, how maybe, just MAYBE you have it better than some others who may not have the things on your list.



Do this every day for 5 days.

The list can change each day – see if you can find new and interesting things to add to your list each day. See if you start to notice more and more BASIC things 

that you are so grateful you have – that you never realized you had.

My hope for you is that at the end of 5 days playing this game, when you grab the list you wrote on day 1, and you check that number on your scale from 1 – 10 and as you check in with that list – has that number on the scale shifted (hopefully closer to the 1 end than the 10 end).

AND then if you want to get a little more advanced!!!

here’s a wee helping trick – IF you HATE your job, you will want to focus on the fact that you have a job which means money flowing into the bank – and not focus on the fact that your job sucks!!! – when you shift the focus, you will start to see options, discover things that maybe before you weren’t aware of!!!

SO maybe you can focus on the fact that you get to meet interesting people at your workplace, or that you get to have a laugh with some of your workmates, or maybe you just get to sit in a warm office when its snowing outside – or cool office when its burning hot outside….. – you get the picture}

ENJOY – and feel free to share this with some friends. Make it a game.