Soooo Embarrassing!!

My daughter is a bit of a free spirit.

Full of fun and laughter.

She is quite a bubbly and cheerful little angel who helps to light up our family.

Recently she was busy dancing around her room. Just doing her own thing.

Unfortunately for her, some men were working out in the street and they were all laughing as they saw her randomly dancing around her room.

When she noticed that they were laughing, she dropped to the floor, crawled out of her room and came to see me – MORTIFIED.

Poor little darling.

I’m sure the men didn’t mean to laugh AT her, maybe they were just noticing her joyful exuberance.

Who knows?

The problem for me was NOT to worry about those guys laughing.


My concern was that I didn’t want this experience to somehow shatter her light-hearted spirit. Her spontaneity. I didn’t want for her to start feeling like she had to EDIT her sense of fun.

So, obviously there was only ONE thing for me to do.

I had to share one of MY most embarrassing moments from my childhood.


And here’s the funny thing……… it was hard to actually think up one on the spot.

I know there have been a large number of very embarrassing moments, but I’m guessing my mind has blocked them out. Pushed them way deep into the back of beyonds of my mind.

And so I shared the only story that came to mind.


Final exams – final year at high school.

All kids from all schools in the city had to go to the university lecture halls to sit the exams. It was daunting and kind of fun. Meeting up with all of your friends and all going into the exams together.

So first exam!!! English.

We were all gathered outside waiting to go in.

A mix of nerves and acting cool. All competing to see who had done the least amount of study!!

Fast forward 2 and a half hours, and I am finishing up (half an hour early).

I walk down to the front desk to hand in my paper, and I'm giving cheeky waves to my various friends dotted around the room. Little (super cool) head nods.


I cant believe I have finished before everyone else.

Later losers.

And then it happened.

In the silence of the lecture room, hundreds of kids furiously writing, my shoes slipped on the super shiny floor.

My feet flew up towards the ceiling, as my head and butt hit the deck – HARD.

Hundreds of sets of eyes on me – lying on the floor.


Instantly regretting those ill advised head nods and cheeky waves.


And to add insult to literal injury, I then had to get up and gingerly walk out of the room and try desperately NOT to slip over again.


And here’s the thing. This is a story that I had tucked away in a place never to see the light of day. But actually as I retold it to my little girl, I realized that sharing that embarrassment reduced its impact on me.

Its just a part of life.

If we can learn to laugh at ourselves, and just take life in its stride - how much freedom would we create for ourselves???

If we can be willing to not take ourselves too seriously, then it just takes the sting out of those hidden memories. 

It's still embarrassing, but definitely NOT mortifying, devastating or earth shattering.

Just Embarrassing.

So go ahead and unleash some of your most embarrassing moments.

Have a laugh and feel the fear/anxt melt away. - Because reducing your fears and anxieties improves your health.

Win Win

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