Inflammation - The Low Down



A lot of us are familiar with inflammation. We know that it is responsible for nasty diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis or Crohn’s disease.

What may surprise you is that inflammation is not just responsible for a few disorders – in fact inflammation is the basis of every single disease known to man!

And ALL of us have inflammation happening inside our bodies.

New Research is becoming clearer about the connection between inflammation and Alzheimers.

Some researchers even believe that Alzheimers should actually be re-named Type 3 Diabetes (because it is created from severe inflammation – it is an inflammatory response between your glucose and your insulin)

A key step to preventing disease is to reduce inflammation!


At the cellular level, every cell communicates with each other. When cells start to break down due to inflammation, that inflammation spreads from cell to cell, and THIS is the beginning of Disease.

The tricky thing about inflammation is that it can be creating dis-ease inside your body for weeks, years and sometimes decades BEFORE you have any symptoms.

Your body will work hard doing whatever it can to prevent and reduce the inflammation and disease inside. We are exposed to enough inflammatory substances that CAUSE disease, and you may feel fine now and may not know the real problems that are building under the surface.

Taking the necessary steps to PREVENT and REDUCE inflammation is very important.


 Inflammation happens in a range of different ways.

1.      The foods that we eat

2.      The substances that we use (e.g Alcohol and Smoking)

3.      Environmental Factors such as    stress, pollution and even Viruses


So here is our Revamp 1 – 2 – 3 punch for Inflammation.




FOODS that Exacerbate Inflammation






(and the key here is that ANY colour sugar will have this impact!! Sorry)

And of course – ANY FRIED, and PROCESSED foods!!

And then there’s ALCOHOL and Soft drink (soda!)

So step one is to reduce how much of these foods you eat.

We are not saying eliminate them all together, or never ever eat them.

That is just a little too prohibitive for most of us to live with!!

However, know that they are giving your body a hard time, and try to cut back on them.

BE mindful of how much of these you actually consume and simply try to slowly reduce, reduce, reduce.


FOODS that are Naturally Anti – Inflammatory




Dark red/purple fruits like Dark fleshed Plums


Generally speaking, any natural food that doesn’t come in a box with additives and the like!!

And Water – preferably Distilled Water.

So these are the foods to eat MORE of.

As you get busy reducing from the first list, you are going to need something to fill the void.

Fill up with as many fresh vegetables and a few fresh pieces of fruit.



POLLUTION - can be a tricky thing to avoid, however if you happen to live in a highly polluted environment, we recommend planning time out – weekends away in fresher air.

It’s not always possible with busy schedules, but its something to think about and add in to your planner every once in a while!


STRESS – this is almost impossible to avoid, so the best approach is to MANAGE the stress that you have in your daily life.

Our FAVOURITE quick and simple trick is to utilize the 7-7-7 breathing technique.


Basically the idea is that you breath in through your nose for a count of 7.

(ensuring you breathe deep into your abdomen – so you will feel your belly being pushed out, rather than your chest)

Then Hold that breathe for a count of 7.

Breath out through your mouth for a count of 7

 And repeat 7 times!!

 Deep abdominal breathing that stimulates the diaphragm automatically triggers a relaxation response in your entire mind and body – thus relieving stress!


SMOKING – there is no magic trick here! Its really just better for your health and wellness to avoid this one.





Quality Supplementation is important for overall health.

The difficulty is finding supplements that actually work and help your body!

And let’s face it.

Supplements don’t come cheap and all of us want big BANG for our buck!

 So how do you know?

 There are a few tests you can try…

 The Disco Pee test

If you notice that you have DISCO PEE

(i.e. brightly coloured pee when you go to the bathroom) there is a high chance that the Supplements you are spending your hard earned dollars on, are quite literally being flushed straight down the toilet.

Often when you first go to the bathroom in the morning, you will notice that your pee is darker in colour. (this is NOT Disco Pee!!)

As the day goes on, and invariably AFTER you have taken your supplements, and you notice still dark coloured or brightly coloured urine, then THAT would fall into the DISCO PEE category!!!

Disco pee happens when your body is unable to absorb the nutrients in the supplement you are taking.

BIO AVAILABILITY is very important with supplements.

Bioavailability means your body is able to ABSORB the nutrients contained in your supplement.

There is a scientific process required to create a final product that your body can actually utilize.

Just offering ALL NATURAL ingredients, or any other catchy marketing magic – IS NOT ENOUGH.

The way those ALL NATURAL ingredients are EXTRACTED, is very important. All natural ingredients may be damaged if not extracted with care.

And of equal importance is the removal of TOXINS from those ALL NATURAL ingredients.

The goal is to find a company with expertise in the art of extracting the ACTIVE ingredients whilst MAINTAINING the efficacy of those active ingredients. And doing this while also REMOVING any toxins.

(and that means you need people who know what they are doing – Scientists!!)

 How the heck do you find that??

 Well here’s another great test for you to try!


The Scientific Advisory Board Test

Use your computer, or smart phone to search up the SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD of your favourite brand of health supplements.

Set a timer, and time how long it takes you to find that information (if you can find it!!!).

Then compare how long it takes to find the info for different brands that you know of.

 Does every company have an advisory board?

And are they necessary?

 Well NO

and NO!


But if your brand does have a S.A.B,  it can give you some insight into where to put your money!

When a company does have a scientific advisory board it means that those scientists are willing to put their name and reputation to the research and the quality of the products they are offering.

(You can also check to see if the S.A.B has multi-disciplinary scientists – or: scientists from various backgrounds to ensure a well rounded approach to your health supplement)

A fully transparent company will also ensure that you can actually FIND the clinical trial information they quote in their marketing material.

 So when a company states something like:

1 in 5 Doctors prefer……


80% of customers reported significant improvements in ……

You should be able to see/find that research and qualify it!

So now you have the LOW DOWN on inflammation, and some great tools to put into practice to make sure you are proactively protecting your health.


Health is one of those things that we take for granted

UNTIL we don’t have it!

Then we will fight so hard to try to get it back!!

Its worth taking some simple steps now.

If you want to know about the supplement we use which is underpinned by amazing research and development, then contact us or speak to the person who referred you to the page.