3 Tips to finding ALL-NATURAL products that are actually ALL NATURAL.

MOST people want to find ALL-NATURAL products to put on their skin and in their bodies.

It is one of the first questions people ask me about the products I offer. My response USED to be a confident YES.

And then I realized that not all ALL-NATURAL’s are created equal.  And not everyone thinks or means the same thing when they say they want ALL NATURAL!!

I realised I needed to check in with people and ask "What do you mean by All Natural?" I wanted to make sure I was clearly answering THEIR specific concerns.


If you wander up and down supermarket aisles, you will see the label ALL -NATURAL plastered on all sorts of products.

Dishwashing Liquid



Muesli Bars

Ice Cream


Salad Dressings

Even soft drink!!


You name it – there is an ALL-NATURAL label for it.

So how do you actually find Real ALL-NATURAL products?

Here are my 3 Tips to finding what you are really looking for.


1.     DECIDE what ALL-NATURAL means for you?


Now that may seem BIZARRE. But here is the deal.

ALL-NATURAL means different things to different people.

For some of us, when we say we only want ALL-NATURAL products we mean:


We only want plant based ingredients, and/or

We want products that have no added CHEMICALS, and/or

We want products that are TOXIN free, and/or

We want to make sure the products are ORGANIC and/or

We want products that are SAFE and GENTLE and/or

We want products that are never tested on animals.

Often what we think All-Natural means is VERY different from what the company making the products means when they label their product ALL-NATURAL.

So tip number one is

GET really clear about what ALL-NATURAL actually means to you. Ask yourself WHAT you want – precisely.

Begin by being SURE about what YOU want.

Because here’s the thing:

Snake Venom is an all-natural ingredient. A lovely plumping lip-gloss may contain Snake Venom that creates an irritation that does momentarily plump your lips. Do you want that ALL-NATURAL lip-gloss???? Is that what you had in mind when you told the sales consultant you wanted an all-natural lip plumper?

This little puppy DOES NOT contain Snake Venom - it's an All Natural alternative that ticks the boxes.

This little puppy DOES NOT contain Snake Venom - it's an All Natural alternative that ticks the boxes.


2.     Check out your favourite BRAND and look up who sits on their Scientific Advisory Board.



To ensure EXTRACTING active ingredients from an ALL-NATURAL source is effective, solid scientific methods and processes are required. Scientific measurements and procedures are necessary to ensure that plant TOXINS and CONTAMINANTS are removed while the active ingredients are extracted.

Your all-natural ingredients may look good on the label (Beeswax is always an appealing one!) however, what part of that all-natural product has the helpful ingredient that is GOOD for you or your skin??? – Again someone with a scientific understanding of the raw material is your best bet to ensuring you are getting ALL OF THE GOOD, while also getting NONE OF THE BAD!!

And then there is the RECIPE.

Baking is considered to be a science.

If you want to bake bread, you need (knead!!) to ensure you add the exact amount of yeast to the exact amount of warm water, to ensure that your dough will rise and that your end product will taste just right.

Just because YEAST is the magic ingredient that helps your dough rise, does NOT mean that doubling or tripling the amount you add will make a better batch.

The same is true of your skin care and supplements.

Solid Science is REQUIRED to ensure that the correct BLEND of ingredients in the correct measures is put together to create THE most effective product.

Checking for a Scientific Advisory Board.

This should be a relatively simple exercise. You can search on the Internet.  And it can take mere minutes.

Type in:  Scientific Advisory Board of – and then type in your favourite brand name.

IF the company that creates your favourite brand does have a Scientific Advisory Board you will find it in the search results.

If nothing comes up – then it’s highly likely that there is not one.

If there is one, check out the caliber of those board members. See what each member’s scientific discipline is.

The goal would be to find a Board that has scientists from Multiple Disciplines (e.g. Dermatologist, Ethno botanist, Pharmacologist, Chemist, Geneticist, Biologist etc.)

Why do you want to find Multiple Disciplines? – it’s a sign that experts from various areas of science can work together to bring you the best science.

3.     Research

It’s a sad but true fact - The onus falls on YOU the consumer to do the research to find the right products for you.

The products that meet your ALL-NATURAL expectations.

You can NOT rely on marketing and advertising. Sadly, just because George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston say so, doesn’t necessarily mean that THEIR definition of ALL-NATURAL meets YOURS.

Yeah research!  Its up to YOU to find an All-Natural that matches what you want.

The problem is that not all of us are that into doing research.

So how do you get around it?

Personally, I am more of a

‘Let me try the product and if it works, then I am hooked’

kinda gal.

I don’t tend to dive into the research of a product or company. I focus on efficacy first.


Luckily for me, I have a sister who is a

‘Let me see the research, clinical trial publications’

kinda gal.

So tip #3

Do the research, and if that is not your THANG

Then find yourself a research geek that you trust and respect, and rely on THEIR expert opinion.

Ultimately, we have all been steered down this ALL NATURAL path by very clever marketing. That’s not to say its not a good thing, but it does require a little bit of effort if you want to successfully pick actual products that are SAFE and EFFECTIVE for you and your family.

Need help? We are happy to answer any questions and reply to any comments.

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