Finally a lash solution I'm happy to try

Long Strong Eyelashes - who doesn't want them? But what are you prepared to do to get them?

Eye Lash Extensions - tried them but they're not for me

I'm putting my hands up - I did try eyelash extensions for a while. I loved the long eyelash look and they looked great immediately afterwards, but....... Yes, there's a but. Sometimes the glue on a particular lash would lose it's effectiveness well before the 'reapply date' and then the extension would sort of hang from my lash and be extremely annoying.

An annoying lash extension would mean I would try and extricate it from my lash. I'm not sure if the glue weakened my lashes over time but what happened was that my actual lashes would break. And break quite easily.

So, after a few months of eyelash extensions I gave up on them and crossed my fingers that my lashes that were now shorter (having been broken) would soon be replaced with new lashes, but I knew that they might take up to 8 weeks to replace.

Of course, now I would be a bit more cautious before embarking on a cosmetic enhancement - albeit a relatively non-invasive one. Now, I would want to know more about the glue. Some eyelash extension glues have toxic preservatives (like formaldehyde) or produce irritant fumes (like cyanoacrylates).

So that was my eyelash extension phase and I wouldn't try them again. Overall the benefits didn't outweigh the adverse effects.

An eyelash primer I wouldn't even consider trying

While I was in that eyelash extension phase, though, I researched what else was around for enhancing eyelashes. I was a bit horrified to read about an eyelash treatment that was actually a glaucoma treatment - bimataprost. Glaucoma is a condition where there is increased pressure in the eyeball.

As one of the incidental side effects of treating people with glaucoma with bimataprost, they found eyelashes grew longer.  I'm all for incidental side effects creating a new market for a particular drug - for example, a drug used in treating blood pressure has been shown to reduce skin haemangiomas (aka strawberries) in babies and children. And then there's the story of the little blue pill.......

But why I expressed SHOCK, HORROR at women using bimataprost (under a brand name that slips off the tongue much easier) is that it has side effects which for me would not be acceptable for a cosmetic enhancer. If I had glaucoma, then the fact that one of my eyes may change colour (and it could be permanent) wouldn't worry me so much, but if I just wanted longer lashes, would it be worth it? Not for me. And the sensitivity to light or the vision changes that may ensue - no, it's definitely not worth it to me.

A non-toxic solution - I'll give that a go

But guess what, I am now trying something to make my lashes longer and stronger. It's natural and non-toxic. The ingredient is called tricalgoxyl and the product is called Nutriol eyelash treatment.

So, what is tricalgoxyl - it comes from sea kelp. You may remember our blog on sea kelp  which is full of nutrients and those nutrients condition the eyelashes making them stronger and appear fuller and healthier. And Nutriol has added essential minerals that also nourish the eyelashes, including copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and silicon.

So basically, Nutriol is an anti-oxidant rich product to produce longer, stronger lashes and it increases the quantity of lashes in the Anagen (growing) phase so more volume.

And it isn't just promised benefits, you can see the result - I don't have my own before and after photos yet but I have friends around the world who have had great results. Not only am I using it on my eyelashes, I'm also using it on my eyebrows, which have got a bit thin over time.

So, this is a product I am happy with. Yes, I would love longer, stronger lashes (and thicker eyebrows), but not at any cost.

Nutriol Eyelash treatment is non-toxic and effective. Although, the eyelash treatment is relatively new, Nutriol has been around for thinning hair for decades and so the safety profile is well established. With Nutriol the benefit outweighs any negative effects so this is something I'm happy to use.

If you would like to know more, please speak to the person who directed you to the site or contact us. You too can have a non-toxic, effective treatment to get long, strong lashes so you can look glamorous every day.

So have a great day.

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