For some reason I RESIST the gym. Just cant get myself there - and if you are like me, then you may find these Anti-gym ideas helpful!

There are many simple ways to lead an active lifestyle, burn calories, and stay in shape. Here is a list of 10 fun activities that burn about 200 calories each, without requiring you to hit the weights or step foot in a gym.

1.       Lace up those shoes.

Get a breath of fresh air by hiking. Trekking your favorite trail for 28 minutes will help you get physically fit while allowing you to enjoy nature.
2.       Let the courts do the talking.

Playing basketball for a mere 21 minutes will get you through 200 calories in no time. Get a group together or swing by your local community basketball court for a pickup game.

3.       Strike it out.

Need a slower pace? Try bowling. Don’t worry about your strikes or spares–after 55 minutes, the only score you’ll be concerned with is 200 (calories).
4.       Just dance.

Get a playlist of your 12 favorite songs and boogie. Dance for 55 minutes to music from your favorite decade. We won’t judge your song selection.
5.       Play the field.

It doesn’t matter what position you play, just get out there. 55 minutes of touch will get your heart pumping. Add a dance when you score and you’ll be set.
6.       Go green.

Golf a couple of holes in 39 minutes, while carrying your clubs, and you could burn 200 calories. Golf cart not required.
7.       Get some wheels.

It’s not just a sport for 1990. Rollerblading or inline skating for 22 minutes will get you places. You can rollerblade around your neighborhood, at a park or around the town. Just don’t forget your protective gear. A helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards are a must.
8.       Take a lap.

Whether you are swimming breaststroke, freestyle, or doggy paddle, you’re working muscles throughout your whole body. Whatever your swimming style, go for 29 minutes and you’ll burn at least 200 calories.
9.       Love, 15, 30, 40, Game.

Practice that backhand and invite a friend for a tennis game. 21 minutes is all you’ll need. Looking to play a game of doubles? Just double the amount of time.
10.   One foot in front of the other.

When it comes to being active, sometimes it’s about baby steps. Conquer today by walking. At a casual stroll of 3.5 kilometers or 2 miles per hour, 60 minutes is all you’ll need. Here’s a tip, find a landmark that is 1.5 km's or 1 mile from your home. Walk there and back in 60 minutes. Now you can concentrate on other things like the beautiful scenery.

1Calories burned vary by individual body type. Calories based on study done by Mayo Clinic. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/exercise/SM00109