One of the things I love about Network Marketing is the personal development journey that it takes you on if you are determined to make a successful business.

We have put resources on this page that will provide you with the skills that will make your business successful if you follow through and are consistent. We really want you to be successful, so hope you find these useful.


We have created an audio programme to help you when you start. It's called Your First 40 Days - available in the Dropbox folder - click here. It will take you through the programme that is outlined here.

Create your Business Plan

 6 questions to answer so getting started will be easier

  1. WHY. Write out your why - this is your story (the short version) that will keep you motivated. What are you doing now that you love, what don't you love? How can this business solve what you don't love, how can it help you do more of what you love, what you are passionate about? Who will benefit from you being successful - you, your family, your children? How will you feel when you are successful?
  2. WHAT. Write down your goals - what are you hoping to achieve in the next year, the next 2 years, the next 4 years? Maybe you want to have some extra income to have a family holiday, maybe you want to give up your day job. Having these written down is the first step to bringing them to reality. Goals should be specific, measurable and time-constrained.
  3. HOW. Consider your strategy by asking yourself the following 3 questions: WHO, WHERE, WHEN
  4. WHO. Think about who you want as customers, who you want to recruit into your business etc. Perhaps you want to focus on mums who may want to work at home, or on baby boomers who are thinking about retirement. Just be clear who your ideal customer is.
  5. WHERE. Think of where you are likely to come into contact with your ideal customer, recruit etc. This may be at coffee mornings or a book club or watching the kids play football. Are you going to use social media, text or one on one meetings, network at local events or a mixture?
  6. WHEN. What time commitment are you going to give to growing your business? This will depend on what your goals are. If you haven't already, this is a good time to set daily goals. It may be how many hours you have to commit to your business; it may be when I have completed a daily task (eg. talk to 3 new people per day).


Think about what you are going to say. To be effective follow the steps below. Keep the message about them, not you

  • what benefit are you offering
  • how will it make the person feel
  • what's important to them, so personalise the message. It will be different depending on the person

We write down our message/s and then practice until it flows naturally




- your dream, your vision will be what drives you. This will come from your WHY. It will likely develop over time. Dream big

Set Goals

- just as outlined above in WHAT. Don't downgrade your goals even if you have to alter the time-frame


- creating your strategy as above with the WHO, WHERE, WHEN and HOW will give you confidence. Believe that you will be successful and you will be. Having a positive mindset is key. The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of the state of your mind

Take Action

- nothing happens until you take action. You have your daily goals so start with those. Remember, success comes from persistence and not giving up. Every very successful person talks about it being hard at the start, how it seemed like nothing was working etc. They always talk about the times they could have given up but they didn't. It's that persistence that creates success. Your success depends on you and what you do.


  • personal leadership - take charge of your own life, keep learning and developing. Be the best you can be
  • lead in all levels - wherever you are in your business you can lead. Celebrate success of those around you
  • lead without ego - don't push people, they will resist; pull them along with you
  • lead by example - inspire your team
  • attitude determines ultimately how we lead. Set the tone that will support, motivate and inspire those you lead

In the INSPIRATION section below, there is a video from a very successful leader.


Breaking it Down

Set Goals

Write your goals in the present as if they are already a reality, eg. I am..........

Make them SMART goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable - how will you know you have achieved your goal?
  • Attainable - not easy but not impossible
  • Realistic / Relevant - something you have control over
  • Time-constrained - when do you plan to complete this goal?

Have short term, medium term and long term goals

Break each goal down into 4 or 5 key action points - what are the steps you need to take to reach your goal? What are the steps you need to take today, to take within the next month, the next year?

I think it's good to have one 'big dream' goal - it doesn't have to seem attainable or even relevant / realistic, just set it anyway. You never know what can happen when you set an intention :-)

Discuss these goals with your sponsor who can help you fine tune them. Having these written down is the first step to bringing them to reality.

Watch the video Zansie has done on setting goals - click here

Create A Contact List

  • Start with Family, Friends, Business/Work associates, Community (other mothers at football, other people in the gym) as in the Booklet. Keep this list active so keep adding to it. I use the app Trello and have different boards - so a people to contact (when I think of someone), people who I have made contact with and am still following up, customers, distributors and those who have said no. I can then move contacts between the boards.
  • Just build relationships - be interested in people. If you show interest, they may ask what you do and then you can talk about what you do. Don't expect the relationship to result in a sale/recruitment, but if that happens, it's a bonus
  • Build a social media following. On your personal page post mainly non-business related stuff and then sprinkle with a business post to rouse curiosity, eg. 'Loving my new white teeth, Can't believe how good this toothpaste is'. You just want to create a list of people who are interested or open to hear more. If they like a post or make a comment, connect with them personally. You can then set up a group page. For a step by step guide to start, click here.


I actually like this advice given by Ray Higdon, who provides great training for network marketers - these are 3 great tips for inviting

  • don't to be attached to the outcome. You are looking for people who are interested or open to the opportunity. They won't all be interested - that's ok. An analogy is that if you were prospecting for gold, you wouldn't give up the first, second, third, fourth time you didn't strike gold. You would keep going. The same is true of this business - don't be put off if you don't find a positive response for a while.
  • say less to more people. The best way to invite is to create curiosity so you don't need to give too much information. Let them ask you for more rather than overloading them to begin with
  • don't be weird. Be natural and work with what is authentic to you.

These are some proven ways to get started. See what feels authentic to you. The key is to build rapport. Ask questions so you will know if your product or business opportunity is likely to solve a problem or give them something they want. Come from a place of wanting to help them rather than sell to them and be genuine. Start with 'this may not be for you but....'

Some simple ways to start conversations include:

  • FORD :  ask about Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams
  • ETHOR - I'm excited.....; I'm in training......; I need your help........; I'd value your opinion.....;  I'd be happy for referrals.......
  • Text-meet approach
    • text a contact - 'have you time for coffee this week'
    • when the reply comes 'yes', confirm the date and place and say 'I want to talk to you about something'
    • you can make several invites within minutes this way

Present your business/product

To begin with, this is best done with your sponsor or someone in your upline - they will be happy to help and it is a great way for you to learn. A 3 way call can be organised if your upline can't meet personally. I like Zoom calls as they work even if you are not in close proximity and participants can share their screens.

The presentation should be short - you can either show people the NS Intro video (click here) or one of the presentations that work for you. You can also just give a quick overview with a pen and paper - called the Napkin presentation - see below. Or you may choose another medium. I have a couple I like and I use in different settings because I think the person will connect more with that resource.

Alternatively,  you might want to use this UK slide presentation - click here.

Napkin presentation - this is the same information you find on the NS Intro video but you can do this without technology. Practice so you can give it in about 5-10 minutes. An example (in NZD) is below.

If you get interest then can refer to company resources. For example, if the person wants to know more about the business, give them business information, but if they are more interested in the products, give the product information. We have some private pages where we have grouped the resources, so feel free to share those links - see below under resources.

Follow Up

  • Always have a date for follow up set up before you end your contact with the person.
  • I have heard that it takes on average 11 exposures for a person to become interested. Don't give up after the first or second time. Keep the relationship and over time, give repeated exposures as appropriate
  • Encourage your contact to come to an event - this may be a business meeting, a training event or a convention.

Get Started

There's no time like the present. Good luck


Don't forget you are part of a team. You have your sponsor and upline to discuss issues with and the company is always happy to assist you. Don't be a stranger. Take advantage of the weekly business calls and local business meetings and training.

Training Programs

There are several Nuskin specific training programs available to you - don't feel you have to do them all

  • Nuskin - go to the GETTING STARTED section of your OFFICE once you log onto - click here
  • Nuskin MIndset - this is the more extensive Nuskin training site - click here
  • One Team Global has the System 7 training programme - you can access at (if a password is required, it will be the current month) - click here
  • The Nuclub - this has a particular emphasis on social media and on the Epoch Essential Oils, so this is a good choice if they are interest areas for you - join the Blue Diamond University on the site - click here.
  • Revamp123 team training videos - these are available in the Dropbox folder in 'Training Videos' - Xands and I have done these to help you and you can also use them to help people you sponsor


Successful people will make every effort to get to conferences and training

Here are our notes from conferences we have attended:

  • Pacific Celebrate Stars, 14-17 April 2016 - click here


Learn from successful people. Hazel Calvert went to Blue Diamond from start in 6 months using just her iphone, using Facebook as her strategy and selling the toothpaste and lip gloss. Here is what she told the leadership conference in April 2016