Create a lean lifestyle

This program is about creating a lean, fit, healthy lifestyle, not about dieting.

You don't want to lose weight, do you? You know what happens when you lose things - you're sort of wired to find them again. So, let's start by getting the language right. This is a weight management program.

Of course, any weight reduction will be warmly received, but this is about creating a lifestyle that is healthy and builds a fit, lean body. Because what's more important than the number on the scales is how you feel your body looks and how your clothes fit.

Will you see results? Absolutely, if you follow the program, you will see results or your money back - yes, there is a money-back guarantee with this product!

So many weight management programs have no end date - you are on an never-ending road to having to buy diet products. That is not the case with TR90 - you will have products to help you get into a healthy habit and then you will be set up to continue your healthy lifestyle by your self.

What is the TR90 Program?

As the name suggests, this is a 90 day program which incorporates the 4 products of the TR90 program into a healthy eating plan and exercise program.

TR90 Advanced Products

What you get with the program:

  • Jumpstart - First 15 days
  • TR90 Fit - Supplement for a lean body. 90 days
  • TR90 Control - Supplement for controlled appetite. 90 days
  • TR90 Trimshake - 1 protein shake a day

You will have access to a web tracker where you track your progress every day. You can get an idea of the web tracker format in the photo on the right.

You will also get a program booklet.

Powerful, Simple Eating Plan

This is a plan based on the latest research. It isn't complicated and although you will get some recipes, this is more about understanding healthy eating with adequate amounts of protein eaten throughout the day so you maintain your lean muscle mass which is needed for an efficient metabolism - in particular, fat burning.

The program will give you an understanding of what constitutes a healthy eating plan so after the 90 days, it will be easy for you to sustain your results on your own. You will learn about fat burning foods, fat storing foods and colour foods (fruit and vegetables) and how to incorporate these into your day.

And what's great is that you don't need to count calories. Instead, you'll learn an easy way to determine portion sizes for you and your family.

Active Lifestyle

Both aerobic and resistance exercising are required to maintain a healthy body and this is recommended.

You won't get an exercise program to follow but you are encouraged to find something that you find fun and that will be easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. This may mean taking the stairs rather than the elevator or it may mean a yoga class or even a walk in the park.

Whatever you choose, you will be tracking your progress on the web tracker.

The Problem with Traditional Diets

Traditional diets usually recommend a reduction in calories across the board. This means a reduction in carbohydrates, fats and protein. This causes loss of muscle mass. The reduction in fat, water and muscle mass will lead to you being lighter on the scales but your body composition be less than optimal as you lose muscle mass.

Your muscles are key to your metabolism and fat burning. So, as soon as you finish dieting, you have less muscle mass and so a slower metabolism and it isn't long before your weight yo-yos. Sound familiar?

What's Different with TR90?

TR90 is designed to target 3 key areas of weight management including:

  • healthy metabolism
  • lean muscle
  • healthy appetite

The TR90 system is a mind-body program that maintains protein intake which maintains lean muscle and healthy metabolism., while maintaining a healthy appetite. The mind part of the program targets mood, will power and appetite while the body part of the program targets metabolism, energy and cravings.

The TR90 is part of the ageLOC brand which acts at the level of gene expression. This is based on cutting-edge research which resets the way your genes act back to a lean, healthy activity. Your genes don't change just the way they act.

TR90 Jumpstart

  • contains innovative products that jumpstart your metabolism
  • taken in water or any drink daily for the first 15 days
  • works at both the mind and the body level to give you a cellular detox and to boost mood and energy
  • contains extracts of prickly pear, blood orange, pomegranate and saffron

TR90 Fit

  • contains a unique blend of phytochemicals that get your body back on track
  • take capsules twice daily before meals
  • works at the level of the body by stimulating lipid (fat) metabolism
  • contains bioflavanoids, capsicum, and extracts of sweet orange, onion, grape and tea leaf

TR90 Control

  • contains a unique blend of phytochemicals that keep you on track for success
  • take capsules twice daily before meals
  • works at the level of the mind by stimulating neurotransmitters to increase willpower and decrease cravings
  • contains cocoa, tart cherry and extracts of pomegranate and green tea

TR90 TrimShakes

  • one shake taken daily instead of one portion of protein as part of the TR90 healthy eating plan
  • contains extra proteins without the calories
  • come in vanilla and chocolate trimshakes
  • there is also a greenshake that is lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free and only has vegetarian proteins
  • all are delicious
  • work at the level of the body
  • can be continued, if wanted, after the 90 day program

Food Plan

  • portion sizes determined by the size of YOUR palm (protein), YOUR fist (carbohydrates) or YOUR cupped hand (fruit and nuts)
  • regular meals ( and snacks) through the day - just more protein and a more balanced intake of protein throughout the day
  • easy to follow and easy to maintain


Success Formula

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. After this 90 day program you will have created a new healthy eating and exercise lifestyle which will mean you can sustain the results from the TR90 program even when you are no longer taking the advanced products.

Success requires YOU. Your commitment to completing the program, your commitment to yourself that you are worth it. If you commit to following the program, you will see results. If you don't see results, you can get your money back.

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