Hi, this page is to give you a quick overview of how to get up to speed with building your business with social media. It's important you understand the 'dos' and 'don'ts' as getting it wrong could mean your account is frozen. We want you to be incredibly successful so we want you to avoid early pitfalls. NuSkin have some great resources that we've added here as well as adding a few others we found helpful.

NuSkin Guidelines on Social Media


Slideshow to download as pdf

Also, view the NuSkin social media guidelines slideshow which is very helpful. You can download the pdf file by clicking here.

You can view the policy as it applies to social media by clicking here.

Tips to being successful

  • 5 Tips to Success. This is a very good resource from NuSkin One source. Click here.
  • Nuskin Social Media Resources- you can access them by clicking here.
  • ask to join the 'OFFICIAL Nu Skin Social' group on Facebook - click here. Ask your sponsor to add you to other groups that may be helpful
  • Remember the key to success is this business is DUPLICATION
  • check out the sections below on research on optimising FB engagement and cheatsheets on other social media platforms

Optimising Facebook Engagement

I love this article from QuickSprout that gives an overview of the research about what works best on Facebook to get engagement. You can read the entire article by clicking here.

To summarise, some of the key points I took from the article are

  • post between 10 pm and midnight n the time zone of your desired audience
  • post on Sundays for best engagement, Saturday for second best
  • using a question gets the best engagement
  • using an image improves engagement
  • videos work better if they are directly uploaded to FB rather than using a YouTube video
  • post photos to Instagram and then send them through to FB
  • link to articles with 1000-3000 words not longer or shorter
  • use short descriptions in your post - let the linked article do the talking
  • don't use hashtags (#)

Cheat Sheets for Social Media Engagement

Learn form the Rock Stars


Laura Kall - Nuskin $20million circle member

This is a great recording that will give you so much ideas for starting your business on social media, including running a FaceBook online party - click here to go to the recording

Perrie Walker - Europe's youngest ever Blue Diamond Executive

Most of all, good luck with setting up your business and creating your dream life.