How to Resolve a Common Skincare Mistake

How to Resolve a Common Skincare Mistake

Are you making a key mistake with your skincare?

Most of us want to maintain youthful, radiant, clear skin and we use beauty and skincare products to do that. A survey of over 2000 Americans found that on average, women use 12 products (168 separate ingredients) in their beauty and skincare regime every day. Men use less but still average 6 products (85 separate ingredients) daily.

So clearly, we invest a lot in maintaining our skin. But are you making a fundamental mistake when you choose your ingredients (or the products that contain them)?

Are you confusing a common skin condition with your skin type?

A common mistake is that people confuse dehydrated skin which is a skin condition that anyone can have with dry skin which is a particular skin type.

Let's quickly recap - what's a condition and what's a type?

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