How to get better quality beauty products

If you’re like me, you want to look your best and you want value for the money you spend on beauty items. It can be a minefield navigating all the marketing hype and these tips will guide you to making choices that give you more quality for your dollar (or pound). 

Always buy the best quality skincare you can afford. I could tell you that your skin is the largest organ of your body so it deserves to be looked after but you know that. 

More importantly, the choices you make now, whatever your age, will impact how you look in 10 and 20 years from now. And it would be naive to think that how you’ll look won’t matter to you. You can ensure you always look your best you by investing in the best skincare you can afford now.

And let’s not forget the subtle message you’re giving your body when you use quality - you’re saying that you deserve the best and this is one important step in self love.

So here are my 3 tips to get the most value from your beauty items and to get better quality beauty products.


    Reducing waste is not just advice about using every last drop of your lotions and potions, which is important.  

    If you buy products that give you results which you love, of course, then you’ll be motivated to use every last drop and not be seduced by the next ‘big thing’

    Know what your skin issues are before you go to buy so you don’t get seduced or bamboozled by clever marketing and a persuasive salesperson and end up buying products that you don’t need. 

    Finally, if you’re starting a new regime KISS (keep it simple, sweetheart). If you don’t do anything but ‘shower and go’ now, don’t buy a 5 step morning regime because chances are you won’t stick to it. Better to add one highly effective step to your regime and make that a habit. Then you can add another step if you want.

    And back to the initial point, look for packaging that allows you to get every last drop. If it’s a product in a jar, it’s not too difficult to get it all out. If the product is in a tube, consider cutting the top off when the level gets low.


    It’s easy to think the big name brands are the best, but when you factor in the cost of advertising and store mark ups, you have to acknowledge that the quality you get will be less than a similarly priced item where there are no advertising or store mark up costs.

    Admittedly, many small companies will not be able to compete with the big names for research and development, but there are some direct sales companies where the research and development teams are superior. The company I’m partnered with has the most impressive scientific advisory board and research and development team I’ve seen in any company.

    For that reason, to get the most value for your money and the best quality skincare you can, my advice is definitely to buy directly from a direct sales company. Yes, direct sales companies are not all created equally, so do a little homework. Or ask me. This is the most effective way of getting better quality beauty products without having to increase your budget.


Are you someone who uses the fuel discount voucher you get at the supermarket? I am. Why wouldn’t I?

And similarly, why wouldn’t I buy products from a company  that rewards my loyalty. And not just a token reward but a reward that can be redeemed for more quality products.

The company I’m partnered with is very generous in its rewards program. In the first year, the reward is 20% of the product value and after a year, a whopping 30% of the product value. That’s nearly ‘buy three, get one’. And it’s not just for a limited time or a special promotion, it’s for every time I buy as part of that program.

If you are using a particular brand and doing so on a regular basis, if you’re not getting rewarded for that loyalty you are not optimizing value for your money.

I hope these tips have been useful. If you want to schedule a SKINCARE CONSULTATION for a personalized recommendation that will fit effortlessly into your life and give you real results, message me.

Are the skincare products you’re using daily giving you the results you want?

Are the skincare products you’re using daily giving you the results you want?

Have you ever baked a cake? If so, you’ll realise that most cake-making starts with the basics like

  • cream butter and sugar

  • add flour

  • add eggs

Then you get to add the other stuff that makes this particular cake what it is - maybe the zest of a lemon, or carrots or maybe bananas or maybe my favourite -cocoa.

But you have to start with the basics before you can add the special touches. Otherwise it just doesn’t work.

Skincare - like baking a cake?

I believe that skincare is a bit the same as baking a cake - you need to get the basics right first. But that’s not where most people start and actually there are a couple of basic skincare mistakes that are quite common.

Navigating the marketing hype

I used to get caught up in trying to sort out my skin issues before I had the basics sorted. And honestly, I was most often totally confused and unsure of what I needed.

We’re fed so much hype and marketing on what we have to do for this or that problem. And every season, if not more often, there’s a certain flavour that we need to be incorporating into our regime. Just when we’d got used to the last ‘big thing’

Do you ever feel so confused that you don’t even bother any more?

I mean, how do you navigate the information overload ?

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