7 reasons you'll want to add Marula Oil to your beauty regime

7 reasons you'll want to add Marula Oil to your beauty regime

Marula Oil - the new beauty oil on the block

There are so many great beauty oils, you may wonder why you’ve never heard of Marula Oil before. Well, I can guarantee that is going to change as Marula Oil knocks the others off the shelves because of it’s extraordinary properties

Loved and used for centuries by the indigenous women of South Africa

This rare oil is no Johnny-come-lately by any means. For centuries, indigenous women in South Africa have eaten the fruit and used the oil from the nut of the Marula tree for soothing and moisturising their skin and protecting it from the harsh environment.

Rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids

Marula oil has the highest concentration of omega 9 oil (oleic acid) in any plant as well as having omega 6 oil (linoleic acid), anti-oxidants like Vit E, Vit C and flavonoids. It is one of the most stable of topical oils used in skincare.

What this means is that it’s high in anti-oxidants and is excellent at combating free radical damage that causes premature ageing.

Compared to argan oil, marula oil has 60% more anti-oxidants and is much more skin friendly

7 benefits you won’t want to miss out on

  1. Anti-ageing properties - Marula Oil reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by protecting against environmental damage. The anti-oxidants fight free radical damage caused by sun, pollution, stress, illness, smoking etc and so help repair and restore the skin

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A secret weapon to reduce sun damage

A secret weapon to reduce sun damage

I know I don't have to tell you about protecting yourself from the sun. Slip, Slap, Slop. The messages about using topical skin protection, wearing a hat, covering up your palest bits are well ingrained, especially for those of us in New Zealand and Australia where melanoma rates are particularly high.

But then there's the Vitamin D debate - you have to have some sunshine for adequate Vitamin D and bone protection because none of us want fractures as we get older.

So, here you are once again, balancing on the tight-rope of life. This time, enough sun to give you adequate Vitamin D levels balanced by enough protection to prevent skin cancers.

Well, interestingly there is a new weapon you can add to your sun protection armament

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