Does your Cleanser Pass the Litmus Test

So we talked on Skin123 about the importance of the skin as a barrier providing protection - it does this through the 'acid mantle', the slightly acidic layer on the surface of the skin.

Did you know that many cleaners/soaps are alkaline - they are on the opposite side of the pH scale. Is that important - YES, it is. Changing the pH of the skin interferes with the 'acid mantle' so it can't function properly.

We are all about working with the body - let's face it, it's a pretty amazing design :-). As such, we are careful to use cleansers that do not disturb the 'acid mantle'. We've done a little experiment that you can reproduce to illustrate our point.

We hope you liked that demonstration. You can buy litmus paper at the pharmacy and do your own experiment.

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Have a wonderful day.