Getting the right recipe for your skin

Getting the right recipe for your skin

I likened skincare to baking a cake in the last blog. And certainly you need to get the basics right before you start adding the specifics that make the cake stand out.

And the basics for skincare are

  • using a pH balanced moisturiser

  • using moisturisers that have humectants

  • having anti-oxidants in your skincare products

When you’re young, you really only need to get the basics right.

But as you age, you will have other issues and you’ll need to add ‘flavours’ to your basic regime to address your specific problems.

What happens to the skin as we age?

The genetic blueprint we are born with is constant throughout our life, but how the actual genes express themselves changes with time.

Think of the firmness of a baby’s skin and compare to someone in their late 40’s on and it’s obvious something has changed - and what has changed is that collagen and elastin production have downgraded their expression (downsized, if you will) so the underlying structure of the skin loses some of its support and that shows with fie lines, wrinkles and sagging.

And while some genes downgrade their expression, some upgrade like melanin production which is why sun spots (which some people call age spots) appear.

Not only do those changes occur but cell turnover slows down so you don’t shed your dead cell layer as quickly and that causes dullness.

So, common skin issues are:

  • fine lines and wrinkles

  • sagging

  • dullness

  • uneven tone

  • sun spots

Do young people have skin issues?

Teenagers and young adults will be only too aware of skin issues that they feel plagued with.

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