3 Reasons I don't look for organic or natural in my skincare products

3 Reasons I don't look for organic or natural in my skincare products

You’re probably wondering right now if there was a typo in the title.

I mean doesn’t everyone want organic and natural?

We are marketed to relentlessly about how natural a product is in a way that assumes that’s a good thing. Marketing implies that organic means premium which is why we are prepared to pay more for organic items.

So, why wouldn’t I choose skincare products that are described as organic or natural?

Let me give you three reasons and see if you change your mind about organic and natural once you’ve read them.

1. There is no commonly agreed definition of what organic means

Most of us think that organic, when on a product, means that the product is free from toxins, like those used in pesticides etc.

But the truth is that there is no internationally agreed definition so organic means different things in different countries and to different people.

Some countries have standards but there is no obligation for product makers in those countries to even follow the recommendations before they put the word organic on their products.

Even products that are ‘certified organic’, which means they are adhering to a guideline by a certifying body, are not 100% organic.

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How to make your skincare regime easy

How to make your skincare regime easy

If you are someone who doesn’t have a regime then this post is for you.

You want something easy so you can get started and make it a habit. Then you can add to the regime as you see fit.

If you have a regime and it’s working for and you’re happy, then these tips are probably not for you, but maybe there is something you could tweak to make it even easier.

Revamp123 Rules of Effortless Beauty

I’m going to break it down what I call the Rules of Effortless Beauty into 3 main areas.

1. Choose products that give results

Ok, this may seem like a no-brainer but I know many people who are using products and when I ask what has it done for you, they’re not sure.

They may know the marketing spiel that goes with the product but they can’t say for sure what benefits they get from it.

If you see results, then you are more likely to be motivated to keep using the product. It becomes an easy decision.

So, the first rule of effortless beauty is choose products that show results.

I recommend trying a product on one side of your face and then comparing how that side looks and feels compared to the other side.

It’s a personal experiment that will guide you in making better choices for yourself.

I love that products I use give an immediate result and when I just apply on one side of my face, that side feels softer, smoother, more radiant etc.

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Are the skincare products you’re using daily giving you the results you want?

Are the skincare products you’re using daily giving you the results you want?

Have you ever baked a cake? If so, you’ll realise that most cake-making starts with the basics like

  • cream butter and sugar

  • add flour

  • add eggs

Then you get to add the other stuff that makes this particular cake what it is - maybe the zest of a lemon, or carrots or maybe bananas or maybe my favourite -cocoa.

But you have to start with the basics before you can add the special touches. Otherwise it just doesn’t work.

Skincare - like baking a cake?

I believe that skincare is a bit the same as baking a cake - you need to get the basics right first. But that’s not where most people start and actually there are a couple of basic skincare mistakes that are quite common.

Navigating the marketing hype

I used to get caught up in trying to sort out my skin issues before I had the basics sorted. And honestly, I was most often totally confused and unsure of what I needed.

We’re fed so much hype and marketing on what we have to do for this or that problem. And every season, if not more often, there’s a certain flavour that we need to be incorporating into our regime. Just when we’d got used to the last ‘big thing’

Do you ever feel so confused that you don’t even bother any more?

I mean, how do you navigate the information overload ?

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How to Resolve a Common Skincare Mistake

How to Resolve a Common Skincare Mistake

Are you making a key mistake with your skincare?

Most of us want to maintain youthful, radiant, clear skin and we use beauty and skincare products to do that. A survey of over 2000 Americans found that on average, women use 12 products (168 separate ingredients) in their beauty and skincare regime every day. Men use less but still average 6 products (85 separate ingredients) daily.

So clearly, we invest a lot in maintaining our skin. But are you making a fundamental mistake when you choose your ingredients (or the products that contain them)?

Are you confusing a common skin condition with your skin type?

A common mistake is that people confuse dehydrated skin which is a skin condition that anyone can have with dry skin which is a particular skin type.

Let's quickly recap - what's a condition and what's a type?

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How to frame yourself in 5 minutes or less

How to frame yourself in 5 minutes or less

The point of framing your face is to help highlight your eyes and give your face some definition. Andhelp to highlight and compliment your bone structure.

Eyebrows have been in the spotlight for a wee while now. There is a real trend for the super dark, highly shaped and defined eyebrow. That may or may not be the look your going for – that’s ok.

I am going to show you the basics and possibly the most understated look – you can go ahead and add more colour and definition if that’s what you are after.

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8 Tips to Help You Achieve Naturally Glowing Skin without make-up

8 Tips to Help You Achieve Naturally Glowing Skin without make-up

A 'brow to collar' guide to staying beautiful naturally because we all have those days we just want to get up and go.  These tips will help you go out without make-up and feel confident you look radiant and fresh-faced.

And even if you do wear make-up, and let's face it, makeup is a great way to highlight your best features, wearing it does not mean that you should neglect properly caring for your skin. Your skin is not only your first line of defense against the outside world, but it is also the first area that the effects of aging begin to show. In fact, the best way to allow cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty is to give your facial features the best chance to shine on their own—starting with the right skin care routine.

Each part of your face is unique and should be treated as such.

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