How to make your skincare regime easy

If you are someone who doesn’t have a regime then this post is for you.

You want something easy so you can get started and make it a habit. Then you can add to the regime as you see fit.

If you have a regime and it’s working for and you’re happy, then these tips are probably not for you, but maybe there is something you could tweak to make it even easier.

Revamp123 Rules of Effortless Beauty

I’m going to break it down what I call the Rules of Effortless Beauty into 3 main areas.

1. Choose products that give results

Ok, this may seem like a no-brainer but I know many people who are using products and when I ask what has it done for you, they’re not sure.

They may know the marketing spiel that goes with the product but they can’t say for sure what benefits they get from it.

If you see results, then you are more likely to be motivated to keep using the product. It becomes an easy decision.

So, the first rule of effortless beauty is choose products that show results.

I recommend trying a product on one side of your face and then comparing how that side looks and feels compared to the other side.

It’s a personal experiment that will guide you in making better choices for yourself.

I love that products I use give an immediate result and when I just apply on one side of my face, that side feels softer, smoother, more radiant etc.

And I love demonstrating my Lumispa because after just 2 minutes of deep cleanse/skin renewal treatment, not only can the person feel the difference, they can see it.

Results after 2 minutes use with the Lumispa

Results after 2 minutes use with the Lumispa

Some products will take a bit longer than 2 minutes to show a result, snd you probably won’t be keen on only using the product on one side of your face for prolonged periods, so my other recommendation is that you take a before and after photo when changing skincare products.

Most skincare products will show results by 12 weeks.

Results after 3 months using the ageLOC me device

Results after 3 months using the ageLOC me device

2. Choose products that multitask

If you don’t have a regime already, suddenly having 5 items to apply can seem daunting and so you’re not likely to continue, even if you actually make it to starting.

So, choose what you’re going to do wisely and if a product can do more than one thing, that’s great (as long as it gives you results)

Here are some tips

  • use a combined cleanser/toner in the shower so you just need to moisturise when you get out. When I first started really taking care of my skin, having a separate toner just seemed a step too far, so I used a combined cleanser/toner (that is pH balanced) and it was easy. Now, my regime is more established, I actually use a separate toner

  • If you have skin issues that probably require a serum, consider a multitasking product like marula oil which has amazing anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties and is a beautiful moisturiser that when applied makes your skin feel silky smooth like a serum. So one step

  • one of my favourite products is the Lumispa that only takes 2 minutes twice a day and not only gives your skin a deep cleanse, it is also a skin renewal treatment and there are 7 ways your skin will benefit - skin renewal,, smoothness, increased radiance, refreshed skin, purified skin, minimised appearance of pores and increased appearance of skin volume and density. And these translate into more youthful looking skin

3. Reduce the steps in your regime

Making your regime easy so you can actually manage to fit it in every day until it becomes a habit may mean reducing some of the steps.

  • For example, your day may start of very busy and in this case, perhaps having a nighttime regime only is a better way to start. Or maybe you prefer to do your skincare in the morning.

    Think of your lifestyle and what could work and even though twice daily is preferable to once daily, there’s no doubt that once daily is better than nothing.

    So, start with something you can manage.

  • I do use a toner in my daily regime now, but I don’t apply it with a cotton pad as described in the instructions. I just splash it in my palms and then on to my face. I have eliminated one step and that makes it do-able for me.

  • Another way to reduce steps is the have your lotions and potions easily dispensable, and the ultimate would mean you don’t even have to open a jar.

    My ageLOC me device has vacuum packed cartridges that are customized for me and all I need to do is put my hand in the dispenser area and the serums (yes, I have 3 not just one) are delivered into my palm and then when I put my hand in moisturizer (either day or night depending on the time) is delivered into my hand.

    My ageLOC me really makes my skincare regime effortless. It even flashes to remind me to use it at the appropriate times.

The ageLOC me device has customised skincare products and delivers them into your hand

The ageLOC me device has customised skincare products and delivers them into your hand

If you don’t have a skincare regime, it can be easy to start. Choose one of the ideas mentioned here that fits in with your needs and your lifestyle and introduce it today.

For more information on any of the products mentioned, get in touch