7 reasons you'll want to add Marula Oil to your beauty regime

Marula Oil - the new beauty oil on the block

There are so many great beauty oils, you may wonder why you’ve never heard of Marula Oil before. Well, I can guarantee that is going to change as Marula Oil knocks the others off the shelves because of it’s extraordinary properties

Loved and used for centuries by the indigenous women of South Africa

This rare oil is no Johnny-come-lately by any means. For centuries, indigenous women in South Africa have eaten the fruit and used the oil from the nut of the Marula tree for soothing and moisturising their skin and protecting it from the harsh environment.

Rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids

Marula oil has the highest concentration of omega 9 oil (oleic acid) in any plant as well as having omega 6 oil (linoleic acid), anti-oxidants like Vit E, Vit C and flavonoids. It is one of the most stable of topical oils used in skincare.

What this means is that it’s high in anti-oxidants and is excellent at combating free radical damage that causes premature ageing.

Compared to argan oil, marula oil has 60% more anti-oxidants and is much more skin friendly

7 benefits you won’t want to miss out on

  1. Anti-ageing properties - Marula Oil reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by protecting against environmental damage. The anti-oxidants fight free radical damage caused by sun, pollution, stress, illness, smoking etc and so help repair and restore the skin

  2. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties - free radical damage to the skin sets up inflammation which you’ll notice by seeing pigmentation (sun spots), uneven skin tones, and blemishes. The anti-oxidants in Marula oil slow this process and help to reduce skin pigmentation.

    The anti-microbial properties mean that this oil is great for those who suffer from blemishes or even acne. The oil can be used as a spot application to blemishes

    Marula oil can also reduce stretch marks and cellulite and will relieve the discomfort of sunburn.

  3. Marula oil is lightweight and doesn’t clog pores - this means it can be used for all skin types including those prone to breakouts. If you are prone to breakouts you’ll love that this is an oil product that is kind to your skin.

  4. Marula oil is a highly effective moisturiser - Marula oil is rich in omega 9 (oleic acid) which is a natural skin lipid and so it literally locks in moisture and reduces trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). As well as feeling lightweight on the skin, because of the small molecule size (compared to other oils), Marula oil is fast- absorbing and penetrates deeply into the skin for maximum soft, smooth, silky skin with a flawless finish.

  5. Marula oil can be used in dry skin conditions - although it’s great for all skin types, it works very well with dry skin conditions like eczema. You can get 100% unrefined, cold pressed Marula Oil which will moisturise the dry, irritated skin but also allow it to ‘breathe’ so you get nature’s best for sensitive skin.

  6. Marula oil can be used on your hair - Marula oil can be used to reduce frizz in curly hair like mine as well as being used to deep condition the hair. It can be applied to damp or dry hair where it is easily absorbed into the shaft making it suitable for use a sealing oil

  7. Marula oil is great for brittle nails - Marula oil can be applied to the hands and nails and will strengthen brittle, fragile nails while also moisturising the cuticles

How it’s processed matters

Not all Marula oil products are created equally. Just like olive oil, where processing matters, it matters with Marula Oil as well.

Look for unrefined, cold pressed oil for the best results. It is such a complete package in terms of goodies inside it, look for 100% Marula oil. It doesn’t need additives.

Be eco friendly

Look for Marula oil packaged in glass rather than plastic because we just don’t need more plastic waste!

The pure oil which provides intense hydration, protection and rejuvenation of the skin can be used sparingly, so look for a bottle with a dropper because you’ll only need 3-5 drops. The dropper means you won’t waste any of this precious oil.

This is a relatively rare oil so look for products that have been sustainable harvested.

The perfect item for truly effortless beauty

I like my skincare regime to be easy and I know I’m not alone. If you’re someone who wants to be able to get up and go quickly yet get amazing results, then this is a must for you.

Imagine, getting out of the shower, applying a few drops of this magical oil to your face and then you can be out of the bathroom with flawless, radiant skin and you’ll know that your skin is being pampered all day.

And if you choose to add make-up or other skincare products, you have an amazing starting point.

And here’s a little magic that happens if you do add other skincare products after the Marula oil - because the Marula penetrates so deeply into the skin layers it allows the next products to penetrate deeply as well. It’s called the Trojan Horse effect.

My favourite Marula Oil products

I absolutely adore the RAU range

RAU range of Marula Oil products

RAU range of Marula Oil products

There are 3 Marula Oil products and you can buy in a pack or separately. And they make beautiful gifts.

  1. Rau Marula Raw Beauty Oil - 100% unrefined, cold pressed, sustainably harvested marula oil in a glass bottle with a dropper. That’s right; no added heat or added chemicals, just as nature intended it and you’ll recognise it by the characteristic sweet, nutty scent. Use it as your everyday moisturiser or use it as a deeply nourishing facial treatment. This is a one stop anti-ageing agent and perfect for those who want an effortless regime that produces exceptional results.

  2. Rau In the Rau Dry Body Oil - for a fast-absorbing, weightless sheen that leaves your skin feeling like silk, this ultra-luxurious mist contains a blend of raw marula, coconut, milk thistle and camellia oils and can be sprayed on damp or dry skin. Perfect for quickly adding a glow to your skin.

  3. Rau Dew Anything Multi-tasking Creamy Oil - this blend of raw marula oil and some other heavy weights including safflower see oil, Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba and macadamia seed oils is truly a little god-send multi-tasking gem. It comes in a convenient tube so you can literally carry it with you all the time. Use a a lip balm, add a touch to highlight your cheeks, apply to dry skin spots or anywhere you want your skin hydrated and nourished.

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