How to frame yourself in 5 minutes or less

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about getting yourself set up for a crime here.

I’m talking about Framing YOUR FACE!! In 5 minutes or less.

So…. Firstly… WHY?

Is there an actual point to defining the eyebrows?

The point of framing your face is to help highlight your eyes and give your face some definition. And framing your face (by adding definition to your eyebrows) will help to highlight and compliment your bone structure.

Eyebrows have been in the spotlight for a wee while now. There is a real trend for the super dark, highly shaped and defined eyebrow. That may or may not be the look your going for – that’s ok.

I am going to show you the basics and possibly the most understated look – you can go ahead and add more colour and definition if that’s what you are after.

Now this little ditty of 5 minutes or less is for the actual process of adding a hint of colour to already shaped eyebrows. 

Even the best shaped eyebrows look better when they are filled in.

So first - Creating the PERFECT shape


As we age our brow hairs tend to thin and lighten in colour. The sun and other factors are doing their thing and reducing our lovely framed look.

So a little touch up doesn’t hurt!

In this section: I will add in a quick HOW TO – so that you can be sure that your brow shape is on point before you start.

MY FAVOURITE METHOD of shaping the perfect brow

There are many ways to shape your brow –





My preferred method is tweezing – it is the most precise way to remove ONLY the hairs that need removing, reducing maintenance of regrowth. Also, often times with our eye brows – once removed,  not all of the hairs grow back – so if you go a little too enthusiastically and remove TOO much hair – you may be stuck with that result for all eternity.

Less is always more when it comes to removing hairs in the eye brow area. Give yourself time. NEVER rush this process! (That's when the real shaping disasters happen!)

If you need to remove a few more hairs over the next day or two, you can do that. If you go gang busters in the first instance - you CAN NOT fix that any time soon.

My other hot tip is to follow your own bone structure.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to create a certain look that doesn’t match your natural face shape and hair line.

When trying to Create an arch – you will want to have the arch in your brow, peak where your brow bone shows (or stands out) the most. - This may or may not match your favourite celeb look - but its going to be YOUR best look.

My LEAST favoured method for shaping your brow is WAXING.

Please just don’t!!!!

Waxing is arbitrary at the best of times – and the eyebrow area is really so small.

Also the quick ripping and pulling action of wax removal around the most delicate skin on your face (it is at least 5 times more delicate than the rest of the skin on your face ) tends to lead to sagging and stretching this skin.


So instructions for TWEEZING!

You can use this photo as a guide.


Step one  - The Start

Use a pencil as your guide to create a straight line. Hold one end of the pencil at the edge of your nose, and hold it vertically upwards. Where the pencil meets the brow is where your brows should Start.

You can tweeze any stray hairs that sit on the ‘inside’ of the pencil (or closer to the top of your nose side of the pencil!!)

Step two – The Finish

Use the same pencil and hold itagain at the outer edge of your nose, on an angle so that the pencil lies across the outer edge of your eye. Where the pencil line meets your eyebrow is generally where your brow should finish. You can tweeze any hairs that are sitting on the ‘outer’ edge of your pencil (or sitting on the side of the pencil that is closer to your ear!)

Step Three – The Arch

Use the pencil again, this time running from the edge of your nose, up on an angle so that it sits over the pupil of your eye. Where the pencil meets your brow is where your arch should be.

This is where the thicker part of your brow from the inner part, will begin to thin out towards the outer edge, giving an arched appearance.

If tweezing is painful – a good technique is to gently stretch the skin with your free hand, pulling it tight as you tweeze the hair. This reduces the feel of the pulling action.

So now

For the Framing part in 5 minutes or less.

You can see in the image below the subtle difference from the BEFORE image on the left, and the AFTER image on the right.

Not outrageous, but a nice subtle definition added.


Use a shadow colour that is slightly LIGHTER than your hair colour. If you are blonde and super fair, you can go for a low brown colour – not TOO dark. You can always go back and add more colour if you choose, but it is very difficult to FIX the brows once they are too dark.

Gently push a brow brush into your brow hairs, dotting it along until your reach your arch.

Now turn the brush to the thinner edge, and draw the brush out over the rest of your brow hairs.

Then gently brush the hairs out, (you can use an old, cleaned mascara brush for this, or even a clean baby toothbrush) to even out the colour you have applied and to give your eye brows a nice natural look.

Repeat on the other eye and your are good to go.

An extra little step to add highlight to your brow bone, is to then use a light (highlighter colour) and gently brush it over the skin area directly UNDER your eyebrow. From the arch area outward.

And then your REALLY good to go!!

You can then finish off your look with a quick dose of Mascara for a fab and seamless daytime look.


Given the skin on this part of your face is SO delicate and prone to sagging and stretching- it is well worth investing in a make up brand that is specially designed to protect and tone the skin.

Hey if you are going to bother putting makeup on – it may as well be doing some toning and firming while its there!!!

Most make ups are doing the opposite – pulling and dragging on the skin.

My favourite recommendation is our amazing collection with an anti aging brow kit and eye shadow pallets.

Here is a finished look - NOT TOO made up, a nice natural day time look that adds highlight without being TOO intense. - The NO Make, Up Make Up!!!

Here is a finished look - NOT TOO made up, a nice natural day time look that adds highlight without being TOO intense. - The NO Make, Up Make Up!!!

If you are interested in learning more about our anti aging make up -please get in touch with the person who referred you to this blog post.


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