10 hot tips to keep your hair healthy

I'm growing my hair.  It's a bit of an experiment. I've already had to have a mercy cut. You know the one - it was just looking ratty and pretty scruffy.

I've got my hair this long already though - it's taken a bit over 2 years - so I want to actually get it longer so I can decide if it's for me or not. Getting through this in between stage is definitely challenging me.

There are some common stressors for hair and I probably don't do too bad as it happens:

  • sun - big tick for that one with the harsh antipodean rays
  • cold weather - not an issues right now for me
  • colouring - yes, yes, yes. What is my natural colour????
  • flat ironing - occasionally, but truth be told, I am a bit lazy with that
  • blow drying - no, that would just take far too much time :-)
  • environmental pollutants - yes, the usual

That said, i do, at least, have good products (like the Renu hair mask) but there's more to keeping your hair healthy than just good products and I quite like these hot tips I found on the world wide web :-)

So without further adieu, here are some top tips to keep your hair healthy

  1. Avoid hot showers (when you're wetting your hair, anyway) - Hot water will dry your hair out and make it more brittle. I have curly hair which can tend to dryness so I have to use water at just above body temperature
  2. Drink lots of water - it's not just good for your overall hydration, your hair needs it too. On a side note, I am retraining my brain at the moment so that every time I feel hungry, I actually tell myself I'm thirsty. I'm actually cutting down what I eat - and it's good for my hair, apparently. SWEET!!
  3. Don't over-wash your hair as you'll strip the natural oils - this is not a problem for me as I wash my hair once a week
  4. Use a clarifying shampoo occasionally to remove build up of products (styling gels and the like) and pollution, without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Basically, a clarifying shampoo is a deep-cleansing shampoo that really cuts through the gunk
  5. Use a hydrating hair mask about once a week to provide deep conditioning, cuticle smoothing and critical hydration. I use a mask instead of conditioner (remember I only wash my hair once a week)
  6. Be gentle with your hair - twisting, tugging and generally just playing with your hair can cause it to break and to lose its shine
  7. Limit combing and brushing when your hair is wet - it's more elastic when wet and so more prone to damage
  8. Avoid back combing or teasing the hair as this goes against the cuticle and will damage it
  9. Be gentle with blow drying - hold the dryer at least15 cm (6 inches)  away from your head and use on the lowest heat setting. Not a problem for me as I air dry my hair.
  10. Limit the amount of brushing - it is an old wives tale that 100 brush strokes per day is good for your hair - no, actually your hair looks healthiest when it is not over done (whether brushing or curling or drying) Less is definitely more. With my curly hair, brushing is pretty much out unless I want the frizz :-)

So, I hope you've found this helpful. We have a guide for what shampoo, conditioner and treatment to go for depending on your hair type.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone who may benefit and if you want any of these products, go to the person who referred you to this page or contact us.

What combination would suit you?



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