A secret weapon to reduce sun damage

I know I don't have to tell you about protecting yourself from the sun. Slip, Slap, Slop. The messages about using topical skin protection, wearing a hat, covering up your palest bits are well ingrained, especially for those of us in New Zealand and Australia where melanoma rates are particularly high.

But then there's the Vitamin D debate - you have to have some sunshine for adequate Vitamin D and bone protection because none of us want fractures as we get older.

So, here you are once again, balancing on the tight-rope of life. This time, enough sun to give you adequate Vitamin D levels balanced by enough protection to prevent skin cancers.

Well, interestingly there is a new weapon you can add to your sun protection armament (why all the war references in health, I wonder, but that's for another day). Maybe it will make the balancing act a little easier or at least a little less precarious and you can enjoy your favorite summer activity without the stress of getting sunburned and all that entails.

What if I told you, you could protect your skin from sun damage by taking a supplement. Not just any supplement, but an anti-oxidant rich supplement that will have an anti-inflammatory effect on your cells.

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2016 showed that after only 8 weeks of taking a supplement (more on which one later) sun damage was visibly reduced but more importantly biopsies showed that there was actually less cell damage. This was before and after with the same intensity UV stimulus.

Science Stuff

So, in the diagram above each column is a dose of radiation (no radiation and then 3 doses of differing intensity) and the top photo is before taking the supplement and the bottom photo is after taking the supplement. The Skin Erythema score is the average diameter of the skin redness from all study participants and the superscript next to the lower values is just saying that the difference seen is statistically significant - so the results are unlikely to be caused by chance and as the supplement is the only difference, it's reasonable to conclude that the reduction in sun damage is due to the supplement.

Everyday Language

So this supplement boosts our natural ADM (age defense mechanisms). So, to put it simply, we have an amazing body that is really good at keeping itself youthful and healthy and the way it does this is through a network of activity referred to as an AGE DEFENSE MECHANISM. The trouble is that with age, with stress, with UV sun damage, with pollution etc, our ADMs are depleted and so can't do such an efficient job.

Step in a supplement that actually boosts ADMs so the body can do what it does naturally for longer. A bit like turning back time to when you were younger, less stressed and less contaminated by environmental toxins, like UV radiation and pollution.

And a by-product of boosting ADMs is less sun damage from the same amount of radiation. What I mean is that if you got blasted (another war reference) by a dose of UV radiation today and then again by the same dose after taking the supplement, you would have less sun damage - visibly and at a microscopic level.

So Slip on a top, Slap on a hat and Slop on some sunscreen might need to be revised. What about Slip, Slap, Slop, Slurp (I know, you don't actually slurp supplements but it's the best I've got right now)

Ok, I can feel you chomping at the bit - what's the supplement called? In the Pacific region, it' called Y Span and in the States it's called YOUTH.

Other benefits

And reduction in UV skin damage is only one of the many benefits of Y Span (YOUTH).

Other benefits include:

  • improved cognitive function so less brain fog and better memory
  • improved vision so your world view becomes a little bigger :-)
  • healthy immune response so you don't come down with everything that's going
  • stabilization of blood pressure to maintain a healthy heart
  • more youthful and radiant looking skin with improved elasticity and moisture retention
  • healthy joints and bonesso you can stay active with less aches and pains
  • stabilization of metabolism generally, but particularly, glucose
  • improved physical performance so you can meet your gym goals easier


Where do you get this supplement?

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Wood SM, Mastaloudis AF, Hester SN, Gray R, Kern D, Namkoong J, Draelos ZD. Protective effects of a novel nutritional and phytonutrient blend on ultraviolet radiation-induced skin damage and inflammatory response through aging defense mechanisms. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2016 Nov 24.