7 Tips for Healthy Body Recycling

I am currently listening to Yann Tiersen as I am working - I've only just been introduced to his music but I'm in love already. This music captivates my soul. There is a haunting nature about it and as I listen it occurs to me how perfectly all the instruments are in harmony and complementing each other to make a creation that can move me to tears.

What an amazing display of every instrument doing its job. You just know that each instrument is lovingly played by a musician who will keep it clean, keep it from getting dusty, keep it tuned and generally love it.

Your body is even more amazing than an orchestra. It's a complex system of organs and functions and cells all working in harmony to create a symphony. Your organs could be the instruments and if the 'orchestra' is to create a masterpiece, you need to care for your 'instruments' .

So how do you dust off your cells and keep your systems working in perfect harmony? Is it even possible?

Good news, it is possible because your body is designed to keep you healthy with it's uniquerecycling - it takes food, recycles it to nutrients and then gets rid of any waste. The organs and systems that eliminate toxins and waste must work efficiently otherwise the recycling plant will back up and you know that won't be good.  These systems are put under pressure by daily life - by aging, by stress, by pollution.

So, keep your body working in harmony by looking after it, particularly the systems and organs involved in eliminating waste and toxins and the body will keep up its perfect dance of recycling to keep you healthy.

Organs of Waste Elimination

For each organ/system, I've given you one tip you can institute today so you remain healthy for longer.


The liver is a major detoxification center in the body and that is the first place blood heads after it absorbs nutrients from the gut. Although, the liver detoxifies it doesn't eliminate waste directly. The liver is key in the recycling of red blood cells, breaking them down to bilirubin which is vital as a fat emulsifier in the digestive system.

TIP #1. Keep your alcohol intake moderate and keep to a healthy weight


Not only does the circulation carry life-giving oxygen and nutrients to the vital organs, it also removes waste and toxins. And a healthy circulation starts with a healthy pump - the heart. <3

Tip #2. Keep a healthy heart by exercising regularly


The lungs are responsible for eliminating gaseous waste, principally carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a by-product of normal cell metabolism. Keeping the correct levels of carbon dioxide in the body is vital to maintain a normal acidity. Exercise is important but I don't think you'll have any trouble guessing what the top tip here is.

Tip #3. Don't smoke


With the liver, the kidneys are important waste management systems. They must be important, you've got two of them. The kidneys are damaged by poor blood flow so it's important that you maintain hydration.

Tip #4. Keep hydrated. You have a build in hydration gauge - look at the colour of your urine, it should be pale


It goes without saying that the intestines are important in waste elimination. But the intestine needs hydration and fibre to stop delays in transit. It's not much fun to be delayed when traveling and it's not much fun for your body to have a slow elimination system

Tip #5. Eat fibre by eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit and maintain a regular bowel habit.

Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is the filter system which supports the immune system. Cells from the immune system are key in gobbling up damaged cells, foreign bodies and microbes. The lymphatic system runs parallel to the circulatory system but it doesn't have a pump so for efficient lymphatic circulation, it needs help, for example, movement or massage

Tip #6. Exercise is necessary to move lymphatic fluid around the body but BODY BRUSHING is also fantastic at improving lymphatic flow. Keep reading to find out more about skin brushing


Perspiration is a key function of the skin along with its role as a barrier. Toxins are eliminated during perspiration but the key role is actually regulation of body temperature. Dead cells also need to be eliminated from the skin's surface to allow normal functioning.

The body has a natural moisturising layer called the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) which has humectants which absorb water to plump up cells.

Tip #7. Keep your pores free so the body can do what it needs to. Avoid mineral oils and petroleum distillates in your products and go with what nature uses - humectants

Skin Brushing and an Offer you can't Refuse :-)

A bonus with SKIN BRUSHING which is tip #6 is that it also helps exfoliate dead cells and so can also aid in elimination from the skin. Two for the price of one!

And, dry skin brushing helps reduce cellulite. If you would take a couple of minutes to complete a short survey on your skincare and wellness regime, thenwe will send you a free copy of 'The Secret Weapon against Cellulitis' which has details on the full benefits of skin brushing and a video showing how it's done to aid lymphatic drainage.


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