Were you a Child Bride?

Were you a Child Bride?

I was having a conversation recently and was asked how long I'd been married and when I said 25 years, the person looked a bit shocked and then said 'what, were you a child bride?'

Had to laugh. No, actually I married in my early 30's.

Staying Youthful

I love it when people think I look younger than I am. Who doesn't?

I have looked after my skin, sort of. I did live in London for 17 years so avoided the harshness of the New Zealand sun!

I haven't always been great with skin care but since my 40's, I've tried to be better at it.

Never went for cleanser and toner products as it seemed like too much trouble and I didn't understand the rationale. But have been good with a day moisturizer with sun protection. And I wear a hat or cap in the sun - mostly.

Products that give you a youthful glow?

Every year until this one, when we travel to London, I spent hours perusing duty free - the book and then the shops. Beautiful actresses promoting one product or another.

So many great products with so many great promises. How do I choose? Which one will be best for me? What do all these ingredients, that are mentioned so casually as if I should just know what they are, actually do and is that what I actually need? Do I just choose on the actress that I consider my favorite?

So, what do I end up buying? Absolutely nothing - it's just too confusing, so I get nothing. Just keep trying various products from the supermarket but never actually see any difference.

Finding something that actually turns back time

But then everything changed. I found a brand that had a science I understood - the research was there for me to actually look at, not just be told the product did this and that.

And guess what, this brand is tested against exclusive research data and is shown to reset gene expression of genes involved in aging back to the youthful state.

So your cells think and act as if they are younger than your actual age. Wow!

And everything makes sense - I don't need a cleanser and toner because I have one product that does the job those two normally do. Because this product has the same pH as the skin there is no need for an acidic toner to repair the damage from the alkaline cleanser. Doh!

A brand I can trust

So, finally I have a brand I can trust - the research studies are available for me to peruse. A quick Google search and I can see who is on the scientific advisory board - and they are an impressive group of individuals from diverse backgrounds.  Who comes up when you search your favorite skincare company's scientific advisory board?

I get personalized advice

Yes, I have an app on my phone. I answer a set of questions and it comes up with a prescription of lotions and potions that are just for me - my ethnicity, where I live, my lifestyle, my skin issues and my preferences. There are over 2000 possible combinations!

And, if my choice is not ideal for me, it lets me know. For example, when it got to night moisturizer I had the option of changing to a lighter or creamier one - I amped up the richness of the cream and the app kindly informed me that given the humidity of where I lived, it would be better for me to have a slightly lighter moisturizer. Never had advice like that from a shop assistant at the beauty counter!

I have freed up so much time

I really can't believe how much more time I have now. Not just because I have a revolutionary skincare system that delivers product right into my hand so I don't even have to open a jar! Yes, it does that. No more buggy fingers in the jar contaminating it.

I've also freed up all that time perusing magazines wondering if this is the miracle worker for a more youthful me and I don't spend any time in stores looking wistfully at products wondering if they're what I need and if they're value for money.

Yes, this time in Changi airport in Singapore, I spent time taking photos in the butterfly garden, rather than walking around the duty free stores. - check them out by clicking here.

A brand that acts at the very source of aging

Yes, I've found a brand that acts at the cellular level to reset gene expression back to the youthful state.

I'm not bothering about looking for anything else and I won't be stopping this anytime soon. I love people thinking I'm younger than I am

So, ta-da, drum roll, please. The brand is ageLOC and you can find out more from the person who directed you to this page or by contacting us.

If you're undecided, ask to go through a demo online (no obligation, just fun) - click here.

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Have a great day