Skin Polishing - the pumpkin solution

In April I was at a convention and had the opportunity for a free facial skin analysis. They take a photo and then with all sorts of manipulation can tell about age spots, sun damage and other issues. I was happy that I passed with flying colours on most aspects of skin analysis. The only thing that showed up was an accumulation of dead skin cells.

So, I decided I needed to do something about that. Several years ago, I actually had a microdermabrasion facial which is a skin resurfacing treatment and removes dead skin cells as part of the treatment. I have to say that it was not a relaxing treatment - not painful as such, but certainly not painless and not comfortable.

I was delighted when I read the information about Polishing Peel - Skin Refinisher, which contains pumpkin enzymes. Studies had been performed where participants had microdermabrasion on one side of the face and the polishing peel treatment on the other side. The results may surprise you.

  • 91% of participants said the polishing peel was as effective as the microdermabrasion
  • 97% of participants said that their skin felt softer with the polishing peel
  • the majority of the participants preferred the polishing peel over the microdermabrasion treatment

The polishing peel has similar results to a microdermabrasion treatment but there is one important difference - microdermabrasion actually works but lightly scratching the skin with crystals. The polishing peel has pumpkin enzymes which dissolve dead and damaged skin cells to resurface and smooth the skin as well as bentonite clay which is derived from volcanic ash and acts as a magnet to remove dull cells and toxins. There is no scratching!

In the first week, you use three times and thereafter you can use twice a week. You just apply the peel and leave it dry for a couple of minutes before you gently rub it off with your fingers. You can actually see the dead cells coming off the skin.

It's the perfect option to keep your skin silky smooth and radiant for a fresh, youthful look

This is a record of my first use of the Polishing Peel

This is a record of my first use of the Polishing Peel

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