Foundation - is yours working with your skin?

We hope you like this demonstration that you can reproduce at home to check if your foundation is working WITH your skin.

You will remember in our blog Skin123, we talked about the fact that the skin is the largest organ and the natural moisturizing factor is made of humectants that absorb water.

Many skincare products have occlusive (or barrier) moisturizers in them like mineral oil and other by products of the petroleum industry.

Petroleum-based moisturizers, like mineral oil, form a barrier on the skin. If you are a baby and want to prevent nappy rash, then a barrier is great. Mineral oil is not very reactive so it is good for sensitive skin and it does prevent moisture loss from the skin. However, it will not add any moisture to skin that is dehydrated, eg. aging skin, skin exposed to sun, to air conditioning, and to central heating etc.

When we choose our foundation we want one that works with the skin, so we choose one with humecants rather than a barrier type of foundation. We like the fact that humectants can actually rehydrate our aging skin cells, effectively plumping them up.

One thing we love is the way our foundation feels on the skin. Because it is water-based, it is light and non-greasy.

We have done a little experiment to demonstrate how you can tell if your foundation is oil-based, (largely a barrier on your skin), or water-based, (working with your skin).

To get a visual of what happens to a dried apricot when put in a mineral oil compared to a humectant, see our blog on Hydration vs Lubrication.

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