Hydration vs Lubrication - the dried apricot test

Welcome to this week's blog where we are going to show you a little experiment comparing 2 types of moisturiser. Watching this could change the way you choose your skincare.

So, in the Skin123 blog we talked about the 2 main types of agents used for moisturising the skin

  • occlusive (barrier) moisturisers that act by keeping water in although they don't add water to skin that is dehydrated
  • humectants - these agents absorb water so they can add moisture to dehydrated skin cells. The body's NMF (natural moisturizing factor) is loaded with humectants, but these decline with age.

In this video blog (Vlog) we are going to show you what this means in practice.

We have used:

  • baby oil as the occlusive (barrier) moisturizer. Baby oil is a mineral oil. Mineral oils and other petroleum based products are commonly used in skin care as the main ingredient
  • NaPCA as the humectant. We have a great NaPA mist that is very refreshing and can be used on the face, body and hair.

The demonstration clearly shows the difference between hydration and lubrication. I'm sure you'll agree that as your skin ages, you want a skin care product that hydrates your skin.

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