Inspired by a recent photo comparison I wanted to quickly touch base.

I get told all the time

"You've always had good skin" and I am asked often if I can really say that my new regime has IMPROVED my complexion.

And I often think,

'Yeah, I have always had pretty good skin, and I have always taken care of it. I have always spent money on good products - it is not an area I have spared expense over my adulthood. So then I began the hunt for photos to compare my OLD skin with my NEW skin.


I find old pictures. I take new pictures. I like to COMPARE, (to myself, with myself).

And I have put these two pics together. I like them because they are both of nights where I have gone out, and made a bit of an effort with my appearance, AND I seem to be holding a similar pose in each photo - which makes for great comparison.

The picture on the Left was taken at my nephew Tom's wedding in Jan 2014.

I had been for a microdermabrasion facial the day before, and had my hair and makeup done.

(Microdermabrasion is a treatment that literally scrapes and sucks away dead skin cells and debris from your skin - ultimately it should create a new radiant glow)

The photo on the right was taken on Friday night - December 2016. (it is a little blurry – because I wanted to zoom it in to be similarly sized to the other photo!!!)

I did my own hair and makeup and was just heading out for a birthday dinner with friends.

Here’s what I see.

     This is the BEFORE picture from 2014,                    and this is my NOW picture

     This is the BEFORE picture from 2014,                    and this is my NOW picture

In my NOW photo-

My skin is absolutely more radiant, and has a glow. I ultimately LOOK healthier. My eyes are more OPEN, and I have less wrinkles around my mouth, and eyes. My teeth are whiter.

When I started using my new skin care regime, my goal was not specifically to look younger. I have never actually believed that products have the ability to truly deliver that result.(until now) !!!

No, My goal was to stop the steady deterioration. To reduce how OLD I was looking AND feeling. I ultimately wanted a skin care regime that helped my look and feel healthy. Radiance is a word that really resonates with me - I think at some level we would all like to look and feel RADIANT!!


But when I look at these before and after photos - it is clear to me that THIS STUFF WORKS.

SO what am I doing differently? What is my secret?

My skincare regime consists of using a device called AGELOC ME daily.

My new FAVOURITE secret weapon!!

My new FAVOURITE secret weapon!!

Once or twice a week I add in a 5 minute process with my GALVANIC SPA,

Knicknamed the Wrinkle Iron!

Knicknamed the Wrinkle Iron!

AND really importantly I take a Supplement called Y-SPAN. (or YOUTH in the USA, and other regions)

Never a fan of supplements before - I really didn't see why we should need them or if they actually do what they say they do. There is constant new Hype about a particular herb, or mineral that is the new wonder supplement!!

But when I spoke to one of the chief scientists who helped develop this one, I understood how and why this one is different.

This one is FULL of ALL of the NUTRIENTS your body NEEDS to perform to its optimal level.

Research has found that to have Healthy Brain function, Healthy Heart function, Healthy Eyesight, Healthy Metabolism and Healthy Cellular function your body needs a specific set of nutrients. Those nutrients are what this supplement contains, and EVEN if you had the HEALTHIEST diet on the planet, you could NOT access ALL of these necessary nutrients. (plus taking them as separate supplement options might mean taking 15-20 pills per day!)

Then there is the fact that this is one of the only supplement companies I can find, that makes its supplements with Pharmacological precision. That means that EVERY ingredient (from nature) is tested for contaminants, toxins, and for efficacy, is measured and blended to provide optimal results. 

And guess what - it DELIVERS.

Now I don't necessarily FEEL any different, I'm not leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but I do know that my body, and skin (and even my hair) is looking and behaving healthier.

Here is a bit of a low down on the other products I mentioned!

What I LOVE about the ageLoc ME, is that my skincare is EASY.

I don't have to open jars and bottles. I don't have to go through a 6 step process with my day and night routine. 

(you may scoff and think, well hey, who goes through a 6 step process and I'm sorry to tell you - I used to!!!) 

I include it here (I have blocked out the name of the Beauty Therapy clinic and the Therapists name -because this article is not about 'them'!!)

But here it is - I literally had to pull this chart out EVERY morning and EVERY night, because I could NEVER remember what order to use them all.

Some were ONLY for night time application because they reacted to sunlight etc - so I didn't want to mess it up!!!)

The asterix was for a really potent product that I only used every other day....

so here it is in black and white (well, actually Blue and white!)

2 different cleansers, and 4 things to put on in the morning, and 6 YES 6 different products to apply every night.

Exhausting, confusing and kind of a pain - so much so, that often I would skip it altogether.

NOT now.

I don't have to open a jar, or work out what to put on when. I just put my hand into the machine and IT delivers to me my Serums (all blended at the time of dispersing for optimal absorption into the skin, and for maximum results) and then I put my hand back into the machine and it delivers my day cream or night cream (the machine figures out which one I need!)

It learns my habits and IT does all of the work. I don't open a single jar!

LOVE it. SO darn simple it should be illegal (well obviously NOT but you get my drift)


The GALVANIC SPA is a nifty little hand held device that has lovingly been knick named the Wrinkle Iron because it seems to iron away wrinkles. It is what I credit with "opening my eyes" - or giving me an eye lift. For reducing the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth.

And so - If you are ready to actually kick all of the confusion, HOPING that your new next new big thing will actually deliver you the miracle you have been searching for - and finally get your hands on something that ACTUALLY works, and is backed by SOLID science, then here is your answer.

 These three wonder products are my DREAM TEAM.

I am not here to convince, coerce or condemn you. I do however offer a REAL solution that I am proud to stand behind. Thats all. xxxx