7 Beauty Secrets you wished your mother told you

Pesky Make-up blunders nobody told you how to avoid

  • Lipstick on your teeth?
  • Mascara smudges on your brow?
  • Getting the right colour foundation?
  • How to get an eye look that works?

If these are things you wish your mother taught you, then relax, we've got them covered here with these 7 little beauty gems, specifically aimed at make-up.


1. Lipstick on your teeth

Ok, this one is so easy to solve but I didn't know it for years so was forever rubbing lipstick off my teeth.

Once you have your lipstick on, put your index finger in your mouth, tighten your lips around it and then pull it out.

2. Mascara lash tips smudged on your brow

You know how it goes, you put your mascara on then you notice you have little mascara smudges above your eye corresponding to the lashes!

This solve is simple - apply mascara to the lower lids first - both lower lids. We tend to look up when we do that, so if we leave the lower lids till last, guess what, the top lashes we have coated are going to hit the area under the eyebrow and leave smudges

3. Getting the right shade of foundation

So many time, I stood at the counter with one shade after another on my hand. I don't want to put it on my face as they don't have any tissues. It's only recently that I learned this one trick.

Put the foundation you are testing on your collarbone and see if it blends. If it does, that's the one you want. Little tip, though, best not to be wearing a turtleneck when you go to get your next foundation

4. Eyebrows frame your face

It's pretty obvious but still it's not something that I really considered when I was young. Luckily I did not overpluck my eyebrows as they are pretty sparse now.

But having a good eyebrow shape and definition helps frame your face - try a no eyebrow look and you will see how important they are. The sparse eyebrow look ages you as well, so spending a minute doing your eyebrows can take years off how you look.

So, use a pencil or a powder to define you eyebrows. If using a pencil, brush in small upward strokes to imitate hairs.

You can pencil in the shape of your brow first and fill in with powder. When shaping, apply these tips to get the correct dimensions:

  • inner starting point: hold your brow pencil so it touches side of your nose and the inner corner of the eye - where it meets your brow is the ideal place for the start of your eyebrow.
  • outer finishing point: hold your brow pencil so it touches the side of your nose and the outer corner of your eye - where it touches your brow is the ideal place for the eyebrow to finish
  • eyebrow arch: hold your brow pencil vertically so it touches the outer rim of the iris when you are looking straight ahead - this is the ideal place for your eyebrow arch

5. Apply eye shadow to enhance your eye shape

Nobody told me when I started applying eye make-up that I the way I applied it would affect our my eyes looked and that there were ways of applying it that would make my eyes look more open.

I found this help little infographic on Pinterest and have been applying my eye shadow based on close-set eyes. It has made such a difference. Thank you Pinterest


6. Your Q tip emergency tool

Have you ever made a little mistake with your make-up, something nobody would probably notice, and then you go to fix it and smear make-up everywhere?

Make a Q tip (cotton bud) your go to emergency make-up tool. Use it either dry or dipped in a little cleanser and then dab make-up mistakes rather than rubbing.

You'll be so happy with the result.


7. Avoid mineral oil in your foundation

Mineral oil and other petroleum distillates put a barrier on your skin which will prevent moisture loss but will also clog up pores and generally interfere with the way the skin operates naturally.

Compared to using a product that acts naturally, so one with humectants similar to the body's natural moisturising factor (NMF), a foundation that is oil-based is more akin to an oil slick.

Sometimes a foundation will suggest that it allows the skin 'to breathe' and yet it is oil-based and so will put a barrier on the skin. You can check whether your foundation is oil-based with a simple test you can do at home as demonstrated in the video below

I hope you have found these little tips useful. If you want to get a humectant-based foundation like the one in the video, speak to the person who directed you to the site or message us (form on the right or below on mobile devices).

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