How Changing One Habit Could Make Your Dreams Come True

How Changing One Habit Could Make Your Dreams Come True

Do You have a morning ritual?

I’m not talking about ‘get out of bed, have a shower, put on your clothes, have breakfast etc while in automatic mode’ and then dragging yourself out of the house

That’s more of a routine or maybe even a habit.

I’m talking about a ritual and the difference is that a ritual is something done mindfully.

So, your ritual could look similar - getting out of bed, showering, having breakfast and leaving the house, but instead of just getting out of bed, you might get out of bed and do a minute’s stretches and then you might do affirmations in the shower.

You may already have considered what you’re going to wear, even the night before, and your clothing is making a statement about who you are and how you want to present yourself that day. And when you eat, you do so mindfully so you savour every mouthful.

Highly successful people have morning rituals

Most successful people have a morning ritual and will tell you about it if asked. To them, it will be something they do religiously

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