How a Starfish Story Inspired Me

How a Starfish Story Inspired Me

The Power of One and The Starfish Story

I remember the once president of the British Paediatric Society explaining why a starfish was part of a campaign logo. He told the story of a man walking along the beach and seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of starfish stranded above the high tide mark.

This man saw another man picking up starfish and throwing them back into the sea. The first man asked the second why he would bother doing that as there were just so many starfish it would be impossible to save them all and so was a futile task. The second man replied ‘but it isn’t futile to this starfish’ as he tossed another starfish to safety in the sea.

My story of the power of one

When I returned home after working in Ethiopia during the 1984/85 famine, I was often asked if I thought I had made a difference.

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