Do you have enough time?

When was the last time you said (or thought) ‘I don’t have enough time’?

If you’re like most of us, it wasn’t that long ago. I find myself going there a lot, but I quickly take myself away from that idea of time shortage and change to time generation.

Why do I avoid that feeling of time shortage and why do I advise you to consider doing it too?

This is what I thought I’d share today - because when you find enough time, your life becomes more fulfilling and that feeling leads to more vitality.


We create what we focus on so when you focus on ‘not enough’ in whatever way it shows up for you, that’s what turns up.

Lack is a very dis-empowering state. And the cool thing is that you can choose to change it.

I’ve learned that time is just an energy, a bit like money. There is always enough of it if we choose to see it.

So, I thought I’d share some of my ‘time generating’ tips.

Yes :-) I called them ‘time generating’ because I really believe we can make time not just save it.


1. Not enough time for exercise?

Choose something that doesn’t take that long. I have a 15 minute routine I can do and when I think ‘do I have time for this?’, the answer is usually ‘yes, I can give this 15 minutes of my precious time’ :-)

You could even choose 7 minutes - there are apps for your phone that have 7 minute exercise plans

Combine movement with an activity you are already doing - dance while you do the ironing or the dishes.

Park your car a block further away from your destination and walk briskly that little bit extra.

Walk down stairs - this to me is such a no-brainer. Even going down 10 flights of stairs doesn’t really take much energy but there are loads of benefits for my glutes and legs.


2. Not enough time to cook a nutritious meal?

I always cook enough for 2 meals when I cook so one night is a cooking night and the next is left-overs - still delicious but I’ve generated some time that night by not having to cook from scratch.

Prepare 2 or 3 meals at once and freeze until needed. It’s a very efficient way of cooking and can be a fun day in the kitchen rather than a chore.

Give yourself 30 minutes one day and chop up your vegetables etc and put helping sizes in individual freezer bags and freeze. Then when you cook, a lot of preparation has been done for you already. Ta da….


3. Not enough time for self care?

You can have an effective yet effortless regime. My morning/evening cleanse, tone, serum and moisturise takes less than 5 minutes. I can give myself 5 minutes.

Often, people are taking a little bit of time to do something that isn’t effective. There’s no point doing that, you’re just wasting time. Choose effective and effortless. I’m sure you can find 5 minutes for yourself.

Have a treatment mask while you’re doing something else - ironing, for example. You might be seeing a pattern of me trying to make my ironing time seem more useful - you’re right.


4. My time generating bonus tip

I don’t spend any time at all going down the health and beauty aisle in the supermarket. Ever.

Also, I don’t ‘browse’ the beauty products in chemists/pharmacies/department stores any more.

It may seem trivial but it actually generates a lot of time for me so I can do stuff I actually choose to because I love it.

I manage to do this because I shop for my health and beauty items online.

I have something coming every month on automatic delivery (not the same things but something) and I get loyalty points on those purchases so it’s a win-win-win for me in everyday.

- a win because I’ve freed up so much time shopping

- a win because I’ve eliminated the middle man and so I know that I’m just paying for a quality product

- a win because I actually get to redeem my loyalty points for free products. Yes, <First>, it’s true. I never buy make-up because I always get it free.


So, here’s how my orders might look over a 3 month period

1. Skincare - I use ageLOC because it really is the most advanced anti-ageing skincare I’ve ever found

2. Hair products - shampoo, conditioner and the amazing Renu hair mask that keeps my hair from being totally unruly

3. Bathroom staples - my beauty bar (I buy the refill pack), moisturisers, deodorant, liquid body lufra (a divine body exfoliant made with aloe and crushed walnuts)

And, of course, there are my monthly regulars:

- my supplements which I call ‘my getting younger pills’, ‘vision clarity’, ‘juicy creation’ (that’s my bio identical hormones - woman are made for creation whatever your age, don’t you agree), ‘my lean machine’

- my donation of Vitameal. Every month I donate several Vitameal to needy children around the world. I love that for as little as $1 a day I can feed a child for a whole year.

Are any of these time generating tips things you could introduce?

If you want to take advantage of regular online shopping (monthly or every second month), then you could also generate not only time but free products. Let me know if you want more information on that.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day