How a Starfish Story Inspired Me

The Power of One and The Starfish Story

I remember the once president of the British Paediatric Society explaining why a starfish was part of a campaign logo. He told the story of a man walking along the beach and seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of starfish stranded above the high tide mark.

This man saw another man picking up starfish and throwing them back into the sea. The first man asked the second why he would bother doing that as there were just so many starfish it would be impossible to save them all and so was a futile task. The second man replied ‘but it isn’t futile to this starfish’ as he tossed another starfish to safety in the sea.

My story of the power of one

When I returned home after working in Ethiopia during the 1984/85 famine, I was often asked if I thought I had made a difference.

The facts were that the country was still in the midst of a civil war and that food could be withheld from those in drought-ridden areas relatively easily by the ruling power. The people I had ‘saved’ from starvation during the 6 months I had worked there might have had their villages bombed or worse.

So, my answer would always be the same - that I may not have made a huge difference in the long term outcome of the people I had helped, but that the one thing I was sure of was that they knew somebody cared and that knowledge that they mattered enough for a foreigner to come and help was priceless.

It was the moments of shared joy when I sang with the children or the women laughed with me as they gestured that they thought it would a good idea for me to have my gums tattooed that mattered to those people as much as the medical work I did.

And it was there I realised that I may only be one but I can make a positive difference by just small gestures.

Singing with the children in Famine Relief Shelter, Mekele, Tigre, Ethiopia. 1985

Singing with the children in Famine Relief Shelter, Mekele, Tigre, Ethiopia. 1985

Raising Vibrations

Having settled back into ‘normal’ life back in New Zealand, it was easy to feel that I’d done my bit. Until one day I realised that ‘my bit’ was a long time ago now and I didn’t want to be a ‘one hit’ wonder. :-)

But, at the time, going to another third world country wasn’t in the equation. So, I spent a long time wondering how I could make a difference.

I was studying energy and holistic healing when it came to me that it was quite simple. I vibrate at a certain level and physics dictates that one vibration affects another, so all I had to do was maintain my vibrations so high that I would lift the vibrations of those around me.

And still today, it’s my goal to be the person who changes the molecules in the room. And it’s a subtle thing, you may not even know why you feel lighter, happier, less stressed etc but you do. It will be the work of the Vibration Ninja, moi.

Creating a Movement

And if one person can change the vibrations and lift the mood in a room, what about a crowd of people, or even a whole movement. I do imagine that if there was a collective rise in vibrational energy, the world would change.

Just coming from a place of love, a place of kindness, a place of gratitude will raise you vibration.

So, will you join me in vibrating at a higher level to change the world? I hope so

The Ageless Muse is born

So, suddenly making an impact doesn’t seem so hard. And I realise that there are other ways I can individually make a positive difference.

It’s been my intention for some time to defy the whole ageing paradigm. I refuse to do this or that just because I’m a certain age. And don’t even start to think you can tell me how short or not to wear my skirts.

And when I hear that older women are invisible, I just want to shake the person that said that and say ‘it so isn’t true and don’t be fooled into believing it’

And from this passion to be a non-conformer when it comes to ageing, the Ageless Muse was born.

I realised that I could be the example to show people that it’s possible to:

  1. AGE LESS. In fact there’s a whole area of science dedicated to how genes can be reset (epigenetics) and I plan to reset mine to youthfulness. And the discoverer of the telomeres won a Nobel Prize and why not for discovering that it’s possible to even dictate the life span of individual cells

  2. PLAY MORE. Because once you have reset your cells to youthfulness, you have more energy, more vitality and you literally can get more done. And, if you really want to remain ageless, you’’ do stuff that is fun or that you’re passionate about and it will be as easy as play

  3. CREATE NEW POSSIBILITIES. Because, when you increase the life span of your cells, you increase your wellness and your longevity. And now, you have all this time to do whatever lights up your soul and to make an impact, whether that be in your family, your community or in the world. There are no limits other that those you impose on yourself.

And if I can inspire just one person to discard their disempowering beliefs about ageing and to try something they thought might not be possible for them because of age, then I have made a difference.

Back to the Start

It’s funny because once I decided I was going to be a change maker, I felt emboldened to do more. It really is like a snow ball gaining momentum.

I decided to start a new business at 58. Of course, the products I sell also act at the level of the cells to reset gene expression so it all ties in :-)

Suddenly, I was an entrepreneur and I came across the concept of social entrepreneurship where you actually make a difference to those less fortunate. This spoke to me on so many levels.

So, I became an Ambassador for Nourish the Children, a social enterprise that provides food to starving children in Africa, South America, Asia and anywhere else it’s needed.

It’s such an elegant solution and one I wish I had access to all those years ago when I worked in Ethiopia where all we had to feed starving children was a mix of milk powder, oil, sugar and water.

I now can buy (and immediately donate) a Vitameal. One Vitameal feeds one child for a month and has all the nutritional goodies needed for optimal growth and development - not just protein, fat and carbs which are actually balanced but minerals and vitamins as well.

And just to make it an even more attractive option, the food is delivered in the schools so poor families are encouraged to give their child an education.

I have my donation set up on monthly automatic payment so a child gets food for a year. And the cost to me for that is minimal, but the difference it makes is monumental.

Yes, that’s me with Mother Teresa. Famine Relief Shelter, Mekele, Tigre, Ethiopia. 1985

Yes, that’s me with Mother Teresa. Famine Relief Shelter, Mekele, Tigre, Ethiopia. 1985

Do you Want to Make A Difference?

If you would like to donate a Vitameal as a one-off or as a recurring donation to feed a child for a month or a year or more, then message me or contact the person who sent you to this page.

One person can make a difference. That one person can be you