Choosing Lunch the Easy Way

Have you ever been somewhere where the options are so many that it’s impossible to choose.

One place for me is Heathrow international airport in London - every year, I am there and every year it’s the same old question - not what shall I eat?, as much as which outlet will I go to to choose what to eat?

Well, I have a method for making the best choice every time and I’m going to share it with you.

Head or Heart Deciding?

So, there are a couple of l ways I could go about choosing- work out what is likely to be most nutritious, most tasty, least fattening - blah, blah, blah. I’m bored already just writing it.

That’s very much a ‘head’ decision. And, in my experience, I never feel I get it quite right using this approach.

Heart-based Decision - really?

So it may sound crazy to talk about a heart -based decision but that’s what I do. Actually it’s more about listening to my body.

The fact is, and this is scientific if you want to go and check, is that our body knows what’s best for us if we just leave it to it’s own devices.

Our body knows best

Just a little aside here, I want to share some medical insight. When a child has an obstructed airway with epiglottis (fortunately, not so common any more since immunisation with Hib), the child sits forward protecting the airway. The body knows what to do left to it’s own devices - all goes well until some helpful (NOT) person tries to lie them down.

Subconscious vs conscious

The thing is that our subconscious is very powerful and very strong and it runs the show. Less than 5% of what we do every day is from the conscious mind - scary but true.

So when there is a conflict between the conscious and subconscious, there is a weakness in the body

Muscle testing

This is the basis of muscle testing and I apologise to my kinesiology colleagues if I have dumbed it down a bit, but I want to keep it simple.

So, for example, if I say my name is Josephine and you test my muscle strength - just by pusing down on my outstretched arm, I will be weak. The same question answered with Maud will not result in any weakness.

Discreet muscle testing

Ok, so I’m not at Heathrow holding my arm outstretched and asking strangers if they would mind checking the strength. That would be weird.

No, I use another method which you can try too (in the privacy of you own home)

I stand with my legs relaxed and ask a question and see if my body moves. For me, a positive response results in a slight movement forward and a negative response results in a slight movement back.

You will need to see what it is for you - use things that you know are absolute like your name or age, so you know what a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ feel like.

No ambiguity

The next thing is to make sure there is no ambiguity in the question you ask. So, I might start and say to myself ‘I’m looking for a nutritious, healthy, tasty lunch that will satisfy me’. Then I go and stand outside the food outlet and ask ‘Is my lunch here?” and see what happens.

If I were to ask ‘Is there an healthy lunch in here’, it is a bit ambiguous as there may be a healthy lunch but it might not be tasty or satisfyingfor me.

Vegetable tagine soup

So the first couple of outlets were a ‘no’ and then I found my ’yes’ at Pret a Manger. So, into the store I go and stand at the first display case and ask ‘Is my lunch in here’. I eventually go to the correct display cabinet and then ask ‘Is my lunch on this shelf’ - you get the drift.

So, my body (replace heart or intuition) led me to what turned out to be a deliciousand very satisfying vegetable tagine soup.

Works for everything

So, this is how I tap into my intuition.

I use this for everything or just about. Well, actually, if I want a piece of chocolate and I don’t want a ’no’ I might give it a miss :-). Sometimes, I ask if I can get an answer on this question and I get a 'no' so that's out as well.

I used this method when I was deciding if the business opportunity I had been offered was for me.

I use this method when I am contemplating an online course or a large purchase.

You can use this too

You do need to be unambiguous but it’s something you can use when making decisions - the heart-felt way.

My only advice would be to get practice with little things first and really get to know you can trust yourself.

I’d love to get feedback on how and when you use it and how it goes for you.

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Have a wonderful day