Serious Case of the Pollyanna's

When I was a kid, I LOVE LOVE LOVED the movie Pollyanna.

Not exactly sure what I found so appealing, however I know I did love how Pollyanna ALWAYS found the positive side of EVERY obstacle that came her way.

Everything that went wrong – she found a way to ‘Look on the bright side”

Kind of a cool way to go through life but usually easier said than done!!

On Saturday I had a busy start to my day, leaving the house at 9am and driving a constant cycle of drop offs and pick ups until just after 1pm.

Delighted to finally be pulling into my driveway and being finished with the zipping around, I walked into my house and my delight quickly drained away.


Argh. I traced the source of the flood back to my laundry – somehow the hose had moved its way out of the drainage pipe and so 1 very full wash cycle had washed and DRAINED, rinsed and DRAINED and rinsed again and then DRAINED all through my house…….. And NOT down the usual drain.

Needless to say I had a myriad of emotions flowing at that moment. First and foremost was

“Great, now I have to empty EVERYTHING out of the laundry, bathroom and hallway. This is going to take me forever….” (There may have been slightly more colourful language flowing through my head too – cant quite recall…)

But soon after a funny thing happened.

As I began to pick up sopping bags and boxes and take them outside, and hunt for the mop to start pushing water OUT of the house…


I actually had this deep sense of calm and I thought:

“Actually this is great. I have been meaning to clear out the clutter in this laundry for months.”

And then I realized how ‘cleansing’ it felt to FINALLY, FINALLY be doing that thing that I had been procrastinating over for …LITERALLY months.

Every time I walked into the Laundry, I would feel this pang of overwhelm as I would realize that A LOT of stuff needed sorting, recycling, moving, storing….

It always felt just TOO big to do right now. It would require a great deal of TIME, and probably some serious planning before I could even entertain the thought of embarking on this colossal task.

And so time ticked on and it NEVER got done, and in the meantime, more and more STUFF got dumped into the laundry for future sorting!!

I once heard Oprah say something about us getting ‘little whispers”. How the answers to all of the things we need to do to fulfill our purpose will come to us in little whispers…

I think now that the little pang I felt every time I walked into my laundry was my whisper.

And Oprah went on to say, if you miss the whispers, you will then get a slap up the side of your head, and if you miss that message, then you will get a brick wall falling on you… its easier to catch the whispers.

(Now I may be completely bastardising her actual quote…. but that was the general gist!)

And so here I was, having missed the whispers and obviously the slaps up the side of my head, and I was having the brick wall fall on me – with my flood.

So I quite calmly (surprisingly calmly to be fair) cleaned, sorted, dried, mopped, stored and recycled/dumped the entire room.


All the weight of months of procrastination…DUMPED.

And then without even a thought, I proceeded to sort through the kids closets. Finding all of those ‘too small’ items and put them in bags for the donation bins.


My potentially disastrous Saturday, turned out to be this deeply satisfying, rewarding day. I had such a sense of accomplishment and calm.

So what’s the point of the story –?

Well I guess it’s to play Pollyanna as much as you can.

Convert your Disasters into Gems.

It’s all in how you look at a problem. It won’t always feel so clean and clear, but if your willing to be open to the possibilities, you just might experience a more pleasant slice of life.


Here’s to catching the whispers!!!!!

Photo by Dario Lo Presti/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Dario Lo Presti/iStock / Getty Images