Do you feel invisible?

I've been reading a lot lately about women (particularly, but it could be men) who believe that they are less relevant and less seen as they grow older. The so-called 'invisibility of age'.

Well, I believe that is a myth - there is no inevitability of becoming invisible as we get older. It's something we do that leads to not being seen. And the good news is there is a solution so you can remove the cloaks of invisibility so you can feel seen and relevant. And I'm going to share how to do it in this video.

If you want to watch the video (which was initially a Periscope broadcast) then the timing schedule below may be helpful

  • 00.00 -  02.10         : My definition of AGELESSNESS
  • 0210 - 04.02           : Overview of the talk
  • 04.02 - 07.17           : How invisibility occurs
  • 07.17 - 09.29           : My story
  • 09.29 - 22.29          : My 3 tips to be seen from today
  • 22.29 - 24.29          : Inspirational Quotes
  • 24.29 - 26.01          : My challenge to you

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Have a wonderful day