Goal Setting - the essentials

So, if you are to be successful in life, setting goals is a key component of that success. Otherwise living your life becomes like going on a road trip with no map.

To help you with this, Zansie did a Periscope on this and here is the replay for you.

We hope you find this useful and good luck with your goal setting.

Some quick pointers for GOAL Setting

The first step in setting GOALS is to IMAGINE yourself in

1 years time, 2 years time and maybe 4 years from now, and think about where you would like to be in terms of your:


  • Would you like to have more money to cover all of those little extra’s that keep popping up?
  • Or enough money for a family holiday?
  • Some savings to cover any unforeseen emergencies?


  • Would you like to exercise more?
  • Change any unhealthy habits?
  • Lose some weight or gain some muscle?


  • Is there a relationship you would like to heal/ improve?
  • Is there a friend or person you would like to spend more quality time with?


  • Is there a person or cause near and dear to you that you would like to do
  • more for?
  • Either financially give more, or have time to personally donate more of your time?
  • If you can say YES to any of these areas then you can start making Goals

SMART goals are a really great way to start

S = Specific

             I want to lose weight – is NOT specific!!

I would like to lose 10 pounds or 5 kilos by the end of Autumn! -  Is specific

M= Measureable

I want more money in my savings account – not specific or easily measurable

I want to increase my savings by $50 per month is Specific AND easily measurable

A = Achievable or Attainable

            I want to earn an extra million dollars by the end of this wee Is not likely to be achievable   for most people. If its too fantastical it can become DE-Motivating!!

            I will earn an extra $50 per month or save an extra $50 per month Is likely to feel more achievable .

R = Realistic or Relevant

For a goal to be Relevant it needs to be something that you are motivated to work towards.

If you set a goal to increase your savings by $50 per month when you have millions of dollars in the bank, its not likely to be a big motivation for you to work towards increasing it by this amount!!

T = Time Bound

            There needs to be a set time frame for your goal.

            I want to earn an extra Million dollars – is NOT time bound

I want to have one million dollars in assets by Christmas 2020 – is Time Bound.

The next step is to figure out small actions to put in place to help you achieve these goals.

It may start out as monthly actions steps, broken down to weekly requirements and then break those down to daily things you can add to your current schedule to help achieve the end goal.

What’s the point? – To MOVE forward! And improve your life xx

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