Are you ready for 2017?

The new year looms and this is the final post from us for 2016. What have you got planned for the new year?

Do you make New Year resolutions? if so, do you achieve them? Statistics show that most people don't keep to their resolutions. I actually don't make resolutions anymore - instead I give myself a THEME for the year and I live by that.

Themes I have had include SELF LOVE, GRATITUDE, MIRACLES, ACTION and for 2017 my theme is FREEDOM. Why I like a theme is that anytime I may have to make a decision or a choice, I ask myself, what fits best with my theme. So, in the year I had self love, if I had to decide on whether I attended a party for example, rather than go because it was expected, I may have chosen not to go because I was tired and needed rest.

The theme usually just comes to me, but if you are thinking you may use this system, I would advise you to close your eyes and ask 'I wonder what theme would be best for me for 2017' and then see what comes up.

If you are going to make a New Year's goal, then there are some things that you can do that will make it more likely to be achieved. These include:

  • write your goal down - be as specific as you can with a clear way of knowing that you have achieved it - ie. how are your going to measure yoru success?
  • write your goal in the present tense as if it has occurred, so instead of saying 'I will lose weight' say 'Every day I am closer to my perfect weight of....'
  • visualise your goal - imagine how you will feel when you have achieved your goal. Lock in that feeling. Then daily, revisit that image and that feeling
  • if your goal is a big stretch from where you are now, then break the goal down into manageable actions and move from action to action
  • every time you achieve an action, give yourself a high five. It's important that you celebrate your successes as you go
  • don't downgrade your goal even if things don't seem to be progressing. You may have to alter the action steps and amend the time-frame, but you definitely won't achieve your goal if you downgrade it

We may be able to help with some goals

So, we have some solutions for common goals, so maybe we'll have something for you

Weight Management - so many people have weight loss as a goal. I don't use that language, though, as we are wired to find what we lose, so I prefer weight management. We have an amazing 90 day weight management program that will optimise your metabolism, so you are a fat burning machine. It's a lifestyle program and if you commit and keep with it, the results will amaze you and be long lasting

Get Fit - this will be a common goal for many of you. If you are signing up to the gym, we have a supplement called OVERDRIVE which will give you a helping hand in overcoming the barriers that stop a lot of people in their tracks - those barriers include fatigue, slow recovery rate and pain. Overdrive gives you just the right amount of minerals, vitamins, herbs and other ingredients to give you increased stamina. And no banned substances, of course.

Look 10 years Younger - we have so many options that can help you here. For improved firmness and 'lifting', We highly recommend the handheld galvanic spa that gives you a salon facial in less than 10 minutes at home. The results are immediate. When paired with anti-aging skincare, you will look younger when 2018 arrives.

Learn a new skill - learning something new is a great way to keep your brain active and keep you youthful so we highly recommend it. And if you feel that your mind is too foggy for anything new, we have solutions. You have the choice of 2 supplements that both improve mental clarity as well as other health benefits. You may be even ready for a new challenge like a new business venture - if you are the right fit, then we may have an opportunity for you


Whatever you choose as your New Year theme or goal, we wish you the very best in achieving it. We really appreciate your support in our first year and we're looking forward to providing value in 2017.

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