Hi, you've got this page because you now are the proud owner of a Nuskin account :-)

Before you go to the videos that walk you through your first order and show you how to make changes to your automatic delivery, we thought we'd just remind you that you know, in effect, have your own shop - totally free and no obligation. Watch the video below to see what I mean


Now back to HOW TO make an order etc

  • If you are a Preferred Customer, then the first video is for you.
  • If you are a Distributor watch the first 2 videos.
  • If you are in the UK or Europe, there are some minor changes in how the website looks so also view the last video.

Preferred Customers - Making and Changing an Order

Here I go through the process of making an order, changing that order (the ADR) and redeeming rewards. This is for Preferred Customers and for Distributors.

0.00 - 4.41 - Making your First Order

4.42 - 6.57 - Changing your order (Managing your ADR)

6.58 - 8.13 - How to redeem rewards with your accumulated points (after the first order has shipped)

Distributor - Navigating the Site

First make sure you watch the video above which applies to you as well as preferred customers.

Then watch this distributor information on the following:

  • training resources on the site
  • enrolling a preferred customer or distributor
  • finding forms such as LOI (letter of intent) and EFT (electronic funds transfer)
  • fast-tracking to executive and fast start packages - from 4.25 minutes

3. UK / Europe - points of difference in website

-watch the video above for a general overview. Video 3 just goes through points of difference when navigating the Europe / UK site