Welcome to the Revamp123 team and congratulations on becoming a Nuskin Independent Distributor.

This is a step by step process for you to go through during the first week/s, when your sponsor will be with you all the way. 

Getting Ready

  1. We suggest you start on a Monday, so leading up to that, please ask some close friends and family if you can tag them in your posts over the next couple of weeks - that will increase your exposure. Try and tag at least 5 people
  2. Your post will reach more people if there are at least 10 comments, so ask your close friends and family to support you by commenting- this could be by just posting an emoji ( a thumbs up or heart). It is best to start a new comment rather than just hitting the reply button
  3. You might want to start regular posting on your personal Facebook page of non-business posts which include:
  • inspirational / motivational quotes and posts - we have some on our home page you can download and use and there are many in the photo library in the ReVamp123 Team Facebook page
  • Personal posts about what you are up to. Sharing your lifestyle and fun moments increases engagement

We have put a video that explains the business that you might want to watch (the compensation plan mentioned is in USD, so you may need to do a conversion)

General Info

If you are asked, your business is 'Promoting beauty and wellness products'

  • Aim to post at least once a day, and optimally twice a day EVERYDAY -  for example a business post, and then either a motivational quote post and a personal post. Initially these posts will all be on your personal page and there should not be more than about 3 business posts per week
  • Try and post in the morning at around 7am-8am or 11.30am-12.30pm and in the evening between 5pm-8pm, for best engagement.
  • Wait at least 12 hours after posting a business post before you post any other post
  • This is the format for posting business posts 
    • a before or after photo or other post to create curiosity. It is deliberate that there is not a lot of information as you want people to come back to you for more details. The key is to CREATE CURIOSITY
    • make it fun, and make it your own. Use YOUR wording and style.
    • make your posts on social media appear as a recommendation of something you love rather than a sales pitch
    • DO NOT mention price
    • DO NOT mention NuSkin
    • Invite people to PM (personal message) you for details and to order. Don't just reply to the comment
    • When people make an order, ask them to pay directly into your account by Saturday. You will have to message them your bank details
      (or whatever payment method you are using) and I recommend that you give them a reference to add so you can keep track - it might be their name and then a number (in case they make a later order as well)

What's on this page

Facebook Campaign Outline - click here

Product Posts - click here

Last Call Post - click here

Order Post- click here

OMG Post - click here

Recruitment Post - click here

Referral Post - click here

Nuskin Social Media Resources - click here


Facebook Campaign Outline

Part 1

1. Post a business post about a product (usually starting with toothpaste) with a view to create curiosity - use similar wording to the posts we have provided but make it sound like you

2. Reply to comments in Messenger - for every comment from someone else, add a new comment saying ' I'll message you (and tag them)'. The information you are likely to be asked for is in the FYI section of every product

3. Give the information requested and say 'All I need to know is where to send it and how many you want to order'

4. Post a Last Call post 24-48 hours after the first post

5. 48 or so hours later when you put the order in (or when you receiver the order) do a

6. Make the order. - click here

7. Have fun - it will show in your posts. And take it one day at a time.

8. When you receive the products, distribute them to your customers - make it personal, eg. add a little 'thank you' note

Part 2

1. Keep posting about the toothpaste regularly. As you get more confident, you can add different products, like the other social favorites on this page

2. Do a Recruitment Post

3. Consider a Referral Post

4. When you have a strong customer base, you might consider creating a group page where you can have more product posts and provide deals with discounts - however, initially, you will likely find more success concentrating on building your business from your personal page


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    Prices indicated may have changed slightly so check on website for most up-to-date prices.

Toothpaste - click here

Contouring Lip Gloss - click here

Glacial Marine Mud - click here

Polishing Peel - click here

NaPCA Moisturizing Mist - click here

Mascara - click here


The business post today will be a Toothpaste before and after photo.

Mention that you have a new business and will be putting an order in on Sunday and for people to personal message (PM) you for more info or to order


Toothpaste Photo Gallery

Example Post - Toothpaste

Add one of the pictures from above options until you have your own before and after pictures, and post with text similar to below

"Hi guys, If you have been looking for something to help you get whiter teeth
then you are going to LOVE this. This toothpaste is going viral on Facebook.
All natural, CONTAINS NO Peroxides or Bleach
Protects enamel while whitening for a confident glamorous smile
Eliminates plaque build up so no more furry feeling
Great for the whole family
Order going in on Sunday
Message me or comment below"

Alternative posts:

"Brightens & whitens teeth so you have a fresh, bright smile that oozes confidence."
"Whitens teeth without bleach and harsh abrasives so no erosion of your enamel. Plaque Prevention means no fury feeling and results you can see."
"The hottest item on social media - a whitening toothpaste that's delivering incredible results.
Great for the whole family, it whitens your teeth for a bright smile
🚫 No bleach or harsh chemicals
🚫 No sugar
✅ Gluten free
✅ Gentle on sensitive teeth
✅ Amazing for coffee and wine stains
✅ Removes stains from caps and veneers
Patented formula contains a gentle mineral derivative that helps remove build up of plaque.
Clinical studies show a dramatic 63% change in whiteness after just ONE USE
Message me for more info or to order'

Helpful Information for you - not to be posted!!!!

  • All natural ingredients
  • Designed to protect the enamel and fight plaque build up
  • Use as you would a normal toothpaste :2 times a day
  • Noticeably whitens (results often visible within 3-4 days)
  • One tube last one person about 10 weeks (my personal experience) - you only need a pea-sized amount
  • Gentle Vanilla Mint Flavour
  • Can be used in pregnancy and for children old enough to know how to spit not swallow
  • Will remove stains from caps and veneers but will not change the original colour of them


Again this info is for you, not to be posted!!!

Retail $24.23 $21.85 £10.37 €12.63 $20.00
Wholesale $14.73 $12.35 £7.39 €8.80 $8.75 (excl tax)
Profit $9.50 $9.50 £2.98 €3.83 $10.00

Contouring Lip Gloss

Today the business post will be a Contouring Lip Gloss before and after photo or curiosity photo

Lip gloss photo gallery


Example Post - Lip Gloss

Use one of these posts or modify your self

"Get fuller, younger looking lips, with more shape to feel more glamorous every day.
Order going in on Sunday
Message me or comment below"


"Naturally fuller lips with out needles, and no irritants. Stimulates your own collagen production for a young pouty smile."


"Forget Kylie's tips on fuller lips - do it the natural way for results that will get you noticed"


  • Results increase over time, Apply twice a day for 28 days for stunning fully plumped pouty lips.
  • The main active ingredient is an oligopeptide that stimulates natural collagen production for a more defined cupids bow- which is the definition we lose as we age!!
  • Most lip plumper contain irritants that cause a ‘swelling’ reaction that is temporary. This has all natural ingredients



Retail $31.50 $25.00 £20.62 €25.00 $17.00
Wholesale $20.43 $17.10 £13.27 €16.67 $12.75 (excl tax)
Profit $11.13 $7.90 £7.35 €8.33 $4.25

Glacial Marine Mud Mask

Today the business post will be a Glacial Marine Mud Mask create curiosity post

Glacial Marine Mud Photo Gallery

If you have the marine mud mask, posting a photo of you with it on will create curiosity and is a great post for Day 3

Example Post - Mud Mask

"Hydrates, cleanses, exfoliates AND rejuvenates to leave your skin looking and feeling soft and youthful so you feel fabulous.
Order going in on Sunday
Message me or comment below"


"More than 50 minerals to nurture your skin so you create your most radiant, clean clear skin. Easy to Use:  Apply. Let dry. See the impurities get drawn out. (25-30 applications in a tube)"


"Get Dirty to get CLEAN. Mud Mask to draw out impurities while it hydrates and replenishes. For glowing, healthy skin every day."


  • Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin, allow to dry then SPLASH off with warm water, and towel dry.
  • Over 50 beneficial minerals (some people even add some to their smoothies - certainly not MY personal preference, but its an option!!)
  • Can be applied to insect bites, to reduce the stingy, itchy feeling and soothe the skin.
  • Use once a week, for a deep clean and radiant glow.
  • Can be used on any part of the body
  • Some people have found it reduces stretch marks


Retail $57.00 $48.50 £26.77 €32.57 $28.00
Wholesale $38.00 $32.30 £18.19 €21.65 $21.00(excl tax)
Profit $19.00 $16.20 £8.58 €10.92 $7.00

Polishing Peel

Today the business post will be a Polishing Peel

Polishing Peel Photo Gallery

Example Post -  Polishing Peel

"LOVE my at home facial micro-dermabrasion treatment removing dead skin cellsto leave my skin feeling silky smooth and radiant for a fresh, youthful look.
Order going in on Sunday
Message me or comment below"


"Resurface and polish your skin so you get results similar to a professional micro-dermabrasion treatment - (without the skin surface scratching part!)"


"Polishing peel is an at home facial micro-dermabrasion treatment removing dead skin cellsto leave your skin feeling silky smooth and radiant for a fresh, youthful look"



  • Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin, allow to dry then rub in small circular motions until it is all removed.
  • Use 3 times a week for the first week then twice a week.
  • Studies have shown that when they do a micro-dermabrasion facial on one side of the face and apply the polishing peel on the other side of the face, that the results are similar and nearly everyone prefers the polishing peel


Retail $77.50 $65.00 £32.14 €39.75 $26.50
Wholesale $51.30 $43.20 £20.90 €26.40 $20.10 (excl tax0
Profit $26.20 $21.80 £11.24 €13.35 $6.40

NaPCA Moisturizing Mist

Today the business post will be a NaPCA Moisturising Mist create curiosity post. This is also a day you might want to do a 'Last Chance' post (see after Sunday for more details)

NaPCA Moisture Mist Photo Gallery

Example PostNaPCA mist

"A refreshing mist that binds moisture to your face, body and hair to make your skin feel supple and smooth and your hair silky so you feel fabulous all day long.
Order going in on Sunday
Message me or comment below"


"Nature's own natural moisturiser in a spray to keep you feeling refreshed and your skin hydrated so you feel cool whatever the temperature."
"A wonder mist that does it all - hydrates and plumps the skin, refreshes, sets make-up, fights static to keep hair in place - so you can have that 'just made up' feeling all day long"


  • Light moisturiser that can be used by everyone, but particularly those with sensitive skins
  • NaPCA is part of the natural moisturising factor we all have on our skin and it plumps up aging dehydrated skin rather than just covering it with an oily layer that occurs with mineral oil, which is the basis of most skincare products - see the photo of the dried apricot in mineral oil and NaPCA mist
  • Also contains hyaluronic acid, which is another natural moisturiser
  • Can be kept in the fridge to make a cool spray
  • A drop of Epoch essential oil can be added for fragrance


Retail $25.60 $20.00 £14.18 €17.27 $11.25
Wholesale $17.10 $13.30 £9.12 €11.52 $8.50 (excl tax)
Profit $8.50 $6.70 £5.06 €5.75 $2.75


This is the day to ensure you have been paid for everything on your order

Chase up by personal message any outstanding amounts

Plus you can post a Mascara before and after post

Mascara Photo Gallery

Example Post - Mascara

"Add length and definition to your lashes without clumping for a look that will have you feeling glamorous every day .
Order going in on Sunday
Message me or comment below"

FYI (mascara)

  • Long lashed without clumping
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Can be used by those with sensitive eyes
  • Oil free so can be used on lash extensions
  • Store lying down rather than standing up for best results
  • Do not pump the wand as this will dry out the mascara - rather swivel wand in the tube
  • If using a curved wand, use with the convex side against the lashes

Pricing (mascara)    

Retail $35.00 $29.00 £26.05 €31.51 $21.90
Wholesale $23.75 $19.95 £16.80 €20.93 $16.65 (excl tax)
Profit $11.25 $9.05 £9.25 €10.58 $5.25

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Once you have created engagement and got some orders, you will make your first order. Your sponsor will walk you through this either in person or via a Zoom meeting where you can share screens. Don't be discouraged if you haven't got a lot of orders already, just repeat the week's posting schedule - you may need to tweak depending on your audience.

It is a good idea to buy some products for yourself (use your first profit to treat yourself) - the top 5 you have been promoting are a good place to start and there are some great start-up packages like the Nu Beauty Box (aka Facial Favorites) where you get a few products at an even better price than buying them individually at wholesale.

Once you know you have interest, it's often a good idea to add products to your order for people who are late showing interest. It's usually easy to sell toothpastes even if you don't have the order beforehand.

Make sure to take a photo of you with your first order when it arrives - it will make a great post to create curiosity and to introduce your new business

To make an order, go the the Nuskin site (www.nuskin.com), click here.

Last Call Post

24-48 hours before you are due to put in your order, do a post that says something like:

'Order going in on .................. Last chance to give me your order' 
'I'm so amazed by the response to this simple oral care product.
Many of you commented and placed an order, but if you haven't yet and you want to get in on the fun, this is the time to let me know as I'll be putting my order in soon'

Even if you haven't any orders, this type of post will often generate some orders so it's worthwhile doing.

OMG post

Once you place your first order or when you receive the parcel, consider a post with a photo that says something along the lines

'OMG, I've just earned money posting on FB. Who knew starting a home business could be so easy'
'OMG, look at all these goodies that I have to send out to all of you who got your orders in. I'll be putting another order in on ............ so let me know if you want to order for next week'
'OMG I can't believe how just posting about a product I love has been so successful. Guys, if you're looking for some extra income for any reason, let me know and I would love to help you do the same'

Remember that you can't actually say how much you earn, so don't put any monetary value in your post, but you could say something like 'I got paid the same for one hour's work on social media that I get paid in a day in my normal job'

Recruitment Post

Once you have some momentum, so probably not for a week or two, you can consider a recruitment post, such as:

'If you've been watching what I do and want to hear more about the opportunity to earn extra cash then message me - free sign up, no obligation, free training on the job'
If you've been watching what I do and want to hear more about the opportunity to earn extra cash then message me - 'no boss, no asking for time off, you set the hours'
'Are you on Facebook right now? Of course you are! You might as well be getting paid for it, Are you ready for the world to be your playground..... and your office?
🚫No start up fees
🚫No monthly minimums
🚫No stock
✅ Begin earning today
Message me'

Referral Post

This is a post you ask a Facebook friend to put on their wall for you. You should offer them something like a free toothpaste or at least a wholesale price toothpaste in exchange. You may even offer a slight discount to anyone who buys from the post.

Your friend puts up the post and you reply to comments and take the sales. It's a good way for you to showcase what you do to potential prospects and you may even offer them half the profits.

An example would be something like:

'My good friend x (you) is always sharing fun things with me but this stuff is crazy. It's a whitening toothpaste that's literally gone viral on social media because the results are so amazing.

It whitens your teeth for a bright smile and eliminate plaques build up.

Comment below and she'll (he'll) get back to you

🚫 No bleach or harsh chemicals
🚫 No sugar
✅ Gluten free
✅ Gentle on sensitive teeth and good for the whole family
✅ Amazing for coffee and wine stains
✅ Removes stains from caps and veneers
Patented formula contains a gentle mineral derivative that helps remove build up of plaque.
Clinical studies show a dramatic 63% change in whiteness after just ONE USE
Don't miss out'
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NuSkin Social Media Support

Nuskin is all about supporting its distributors and they have wonderful resources available free of charge. To access them, hit the blue button at the bottom of the page and, in particular, look for the link to the Flickr photo library and Dropbox resources

Take time to view the guidelines for how to use social media first


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Wishing you well