We are excited that you have decided to become a leader with Nuskin by building your business. This page gives you information about how to progress from a distributor to executive.

There is a lot of information on this page. Don't be put off. We just wanted to have everything in one place for you. Choose the resources that you believe will help you progress.

Creating a Successful Business Strategy

  1. Listen to the short daily audio for the first 40 days and this will guide you through the necessary resources to create a successful business
  2. Go through the Training page questions - click here.
  3. Become familiar with the REVAMP123 resources in the Dropbox folder - click here.
  4. We have developed a Business Progression Plan about how to best grow your business and how to progress to executive - click here.

Signing Up and Selling To Others

  1. When you get to the stage of signing people up under you as a preferred customer or as a distributor, then make sure you fill out the form with your bank details and submit to the company so you can be paid. You will find this form in the 'library' in your 'Office'. For the UK team, there is a form to fill in and send to the company in the Dropbox folder in a subfolder 'UK Stuff'
  2. When you want to sign someone up, check out the videos on the www.revamp123.com/how - click here.
  3. There is a checklist to go through when you sponsor someone - click here

Revamp123 Team Resources


Remember that you can direct people to the www.revamp123.com blog site where we provide a lot of generic information plus information designed to create curiosity about the products. We make a point of directing people back to the person who referred them if they are interested in finding out more, so it's sort of free marketing for you :-)

Revamp123.com - resource pages (private)

To make it easy, we have grouped resources together, so you can just send the following relevant links to private pages on our site:

  • *First introduction to NuSkin - www.revamp123.com/intro - click here
  • **First steps to start making money (includes social media guidelines)- www.revamp123.com/first - click here
  • Product Page - www.revamp123.com/products - click here
  • Business Page - www.revamp123.com/business - click here
  • Training Page with our advice on how to become very successful- www.revamp123.com/training - click here.
  • Testimonials Page for Y-Span (Youth) - www.revamp123.com/testimonials - click here
  • ***How To page (eg. how to sign up and make the first order) - www.revamp123.com/how - click here
  • Y Span Page - www.revamp123.com/yspan - click here
  • AgeLOC Me page - www.revamp123.com/ageloc-me - click here
  • Galvanic Spa systems page - www.revamp123.com/spa - click here
  • TR90 Weight Management System - www.revamp123.com/tr90 - click here

*The page to give to people if they express an interest in the business

**The first page to give people you sign up as distributors is the First Steps page

***The page to give people who sign up as Preferred Customers or Distributors to show them how to make an order


Useful Tools to Download

  • Company endorsed before and after photos - click here.
  • Product Solutions pamphlet - useful for product evenings - click here
  • Hydration vs Lubrication graphic - click here
  • Pharmanex Guide - click here
  • How to sign up - Pacific region distributors - click here.
  • How to sign up - UK distributors - click here.

Online training

Regular Facebook Live short training on the team page and a chat group. Participation will lead to greater success in the long run. We all have to start somewhere so don't be put off that others may know more or have more success. The point is not to compare but to learn what works.

Dropbox with resources


  • training video folder with support documents - watching these when you start will give you a firm foundation
  • first 40 day audio training series to get you set up to have a successful business and guide you through many of the resources on this page
  • resources for running a product party
  • photos and videos you can use
  • copies of presentations and booklets produced by Nuskin and by One Team Global (OTG)

Click here or copy the following link - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w0s8rns0mcxbsvg/AADlI9Q_2xmo6Y-pDFuYyGLta?dl=0 to go to the Dropbox team folder where we share resources.

  • You can save anything to your computer.
  • Please do not delete any files in the Dropbox folders and if you want to use any of the templates, save them to your computer first


We have a team page - ask your sponsor to add you. There is a gallery of photos you can use plus other helpful information.

We have a private group page you can join - use any of the resources for your own feeds. Click here.

Photo Library

Nuskin (North America) Photo Gallery for Social Media Use. Save the images from the Flickr site to your computer and then use them on your Facebook page rather than sharing from the Flickr site - it will look more personal.

To go to the Flickr account - click here.

Nuskin Social Media Support

You can access full training and support from Nuskin on their social media 101 page - click here.

Other Helpful Resources

The following are helpful resources either relating specifically to Nuskin or to Network Marketing in general.

Websites and Blogs (* is a company specific website)

  • *NS insider - click here
  • *One Team Global (for some pages a password may be required - it is the current month) - click here
  • *One Team Global - Western Europe site (for some pages a password may be required - it is the current month) - click here.
  • *NuClub- click here. Also sign up for the Nuclub facebook groups for lots of useful information
  • *GJParratt.com - Graham and Jane Parratt's site - it has very useful videos and an event calendar - click here
  • Sonia Stringer has amazing resources on her Savvy Network Marketing Women website - click here
  • Marie Forleo - sign up for Marie's free videos or join up to B School - click here.
  • Ray Higdon. Ray provides great training resources including regular periscopes and FacebookLives- click here