3 Month Coaching To Qualify for a Success Trip

Wherever you are in your business right now, even if it's just starting out, it is possible to qualify for a success trip - all expenses paid for you plus a friend. We can help but you will need to take the action necessary to get there. We will guide you.

To be successful, we ask that at the beginning you commit to spending at least one hour per day either listening to the coaching call, engaging on the FaceBook team page or taking the action outlined in the call.

To go to the Revamp123 Team FB page, click here.

The format for each week is:

  • Content - You can either watch the video or listen to the audio
  • Resources - any files mentioned in the content
  • Skill for the week - each week we will be introducing one skill seen in highly successful people
  • Actions for the Week - these are the actions that will lead to qualification

Week 1. WHY

This week is about finding your WHY - it will be what motivates you when things seem hard



Resources for The Week

Exercise to help you find your WHY - to download the file, click here.

Skill for The Week. Speak Up

- successful people speak up. They express who they are and what they are about. This is something to practice

Actions for the Week

Use the attached file above to find your WHY

Ignite your WHY by one or all of the following:

  1. write it out - use the present tense and engage all 5 of your senses in the description
  2. make a vision board
  3. live your why - eg, try on a pair of shoes or test drive your favorite car

Share your WHY on the Revamp123 Team FB page - click here

Week 2. Getting SOCIAL

This week is an overview of why and how to use social media. To be effective, you have to be focused and strategic using social media.


Resources for The Week

Skill for The Week. Be Confident

- confidence is not something you are born with or not. It's something you develop by taking action over and over again and accepting that there will be failures but seeing these as challenges rather than obstacles.

Also, try 'power posing' for 1-2 minutes before any activity you want to be more confident at. Amy Cuddy did an amazing TED talk on this. You can view it by clicking here.

Actions for The Week

Watch the video on the intro page and then sign up for the 10 day series at the link at the bottom - www.revamp123.com/intro

Every day for the next 10 days, follow the small steps given daily. At the end of 5 days of taking the action of the day, give yourself a treat, and again at the end of the next 5 days. This is exercising your CONFIDENCE muscle

Share on the Revamp123 FB Team page when you have updated your FB profile so we can comment. If you need help with it, just ask

Week 3. Ideal CUSTOMER

This week is an overview of how to define your ideal customer and where to find them.

To be effective, you have to be CONSISTENT in your daily actions, working through the worksheets to clearly define, find and attract YOUR ideal customers and business builders


How to define and find your ideal customer

Resources for the Week

  1. Worksheet for defining your ideal customer and ideal business partner - click here
  2. Worksheet for creating customer profiles and building your contact list, - click here.
  3. Daily Action Diary - click here.

Skill for The Week. Be Consistent

Taking daily action is imperative to build a business over time.

Click the link to download and print off the worksheets that will help you define just WHO your ideal customer/business builder is and then figure out WHERE you will FIND them.


Actions for The Week

1. Head on over to the Revamp123 Facebook Team page and record a LIVE broadcast, introducing us all to YOUR ideal customer / business partner. (This is a great opportunity to 'Practice' doing a live in a safe space.

2. Start taking action every day to start building your consistency muscle. You want to be doing at least 30 minutes on this a day and you can add further 30 minute blitz's. If you really want to sky rocket your success, you will need to be doing at least 2 x 30 minute blitz's and even more.

It helps to keep a track of your action and you can use out daily action sheet - click here to download. Every day fill in your action worksheet and then TAKE those actions.

Share on the Revamp123 FB Team page when you have taken action, no matter how small it may seem. So that we can celebrate your small steps forward. If you need help with it, just ask

Week 4. What to Say

This week we look at what to say to people.

  • Stories sell. Details tell.
  • Say less to more people


Resources for the Week

Go to MyNuskin website (www.mynuskin.com) , login with your usual Nuskin email and password. Go to My Story and complete the process to create your story.

When speaking about products and the business opportunity you want to speak about benefits that are important to the person you are talking to (your ideal customer). Use this template as a guide - click here.

Skill for the Week. Practice Empathy

This week, as a game, try practising the following 3 actions:

  1. When talking to people, stay present. That means putting aside all the problems and plans you have in your head for the few moments you are talking and give the person all your attention
  2. Smile at people randomly
  3. When you are listening to someone, when they finish, repeat the last 3 words they said - as a question or as a statement. See what happens

Actions for the Week

1. Create your NuSkin story using the resource on www.mynuskin.com and share on the Revamp123 Team FB page

2. Write out 2 or 3  'Magic Words' (benefits and what's important to the person you're talking to) statements for products and/or the business opportunity. Share on the team FB page

3. Practice Empathy using the 3 tools above