Congratulations on taking the decision to look at the possibility that this business is for you. I hope you find these videos helpful. Watch them all or choose the one that attracts you. Remember you are a part of a team and you can always ask the person who signed you up (your mentor) for more information.

Nu Skin provides amazing training material so don't be put off that you don't know everything at the beginning - nobody does.

If you are planning on using social media, the second video is specifically aimed at you.

Nuskin Business Briefing (22 mins)

Dr Ben Lo explains how the business works. He left his medical practice to become a Nuskin executive because of the freedom it allowed him.

A business you can build on social media (8.30 mins)

If you are a millennial (less than 35 years old) or just someone who is up with the trends, you are probably spending time on social media - well do you know you could be making money on social media with this business. Then watch this video

Compensation Plan (15.30 mins)

I like this explanation of the compensation plan. The amounts are in New Zealand dollars, so if you're somewhere other than NZ, you will need to do a slight conversion, but the principle is the same.

The Principles of Leverage (7 mins)

This short video (also using New Zealand dollars) explains how simple this business can be and how successful you can be by following and duplicating a simple plan

Thanks for watching. If you have questions, ask the person who directed you to the video. If you decide to sign up, we have loads of training resources for you to make your journey as easy as possible.