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Hi, my superpower is providing advice and products on staying youthful at the cellular level, going so much further than skin deep and offering so much more than just a pretty face.

I'm 60 or that's what my birth certifcate says, but I think I'm still early 30's in my heart - and my mission is to show that it's possible to remain ageless and to look and feel younger every day. And I'm talking about at a cellular level - telomeres, epigenetics and all that :-). My mission to remain youthful is so I have the energy to get the stuff that's important to me done.

My background is in medicine - paediatrics to be precise. I love being able to help people but medicine isn't friendly to family-time and following my passions. And sometimes the hours really suck - being called throughout the night and then having to work the next day takes its toll. However, my commitment to improving the lives of children has not diminished.

I love traveling - I sort of have to as I have family and friends scattered around the world. My little grandson lives on the other side of the world so my husband and I make a point of spending the summer with him. It's a hard life :-). And I love taking photos and writing children's stories. Stuff that just needs lot of free time and a flexible wallet.

My sister, Zansie, introduced me to a range of advanced anti-ageing products and supplements in 2015. I was happy to use them but I didn't think the business would be for me. However, I used the products and found I loved them and the science etc. so I did a bit of reading and realised that network marketing was one of the few things I could do that would give me both the time and financial freedom to be able to do what I love, without the interrupted sleep and unsocial hours.

The fact that the company I aligned with has a huge heart and is committed to making a positive impact on the world is a perfect fit for me because I can still champion the causes I feel passionately about - the rights of children : the right to food, to education, to healthcare, to equal opportunities, to a future.

And it also fits so neatly with my aim to be ageless because the anti-ageing science behind the products is cutting edge and ahead of its time.

Then there's the added bonus of being able to help others with the business opportunity. Seeing people's lives change for the better is very rewarding.

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So here I am helping busy women look their best with a quality skincare and health regime that slots easily into their day so they can look refreshed and feel energised and ready for whatever challenges present themselves, now and for years to come.

Don't get me wrong, staying ageless is more than just using the right products (although, that is pretty important) and I share my Mind, Body, Soul journey to remain ageless on my AGELESS MUSE ACADEMY page - click here.

I am a passionate Nourish the Children Ambassador.  This is a program where I (and so can you) buy and then donate a Vitameal to a child who is at risk of malnutrition.

I worked in Ethiopia in 1985 in the famine so have seen the problems of children not having enough food first hand. When I found the Vitameal program I was so excited because one Vitameal will feed one child for a month and setting it up automatically every month means I feed a child for a year.

And, it's not just any food, it's fully balanced to optimal growth and development so children can do what children should be able to do - grow, learn and have fun.

I love talking to people about how they could contribute. Connect with me on Facebook or by sending me a message via the form on the right (below on mobile devices) or visit my Feed a Child, Save a Life page - click here.


Hi There

My name is Zansie Maye.

And until recently I was a full time stress management coach, and before that I was a Nanny, a travel agent and a beauty therapist – (among other career paths I have followed in my lifetime!!)

Have you ever imagined being your own boss?

(I pretty much chose careers and jobs that would eventually lead me to be my own boss.)

You know, chasing the idea of having freedom with my time, not having to answer to anyone else, not worrying about asking for time off, or sick day and annual leave allowances. 

(I think its what a lot of us dream about)

And so, LUCKY ME I’ve been my own boss for more than 10 years.

The problem with owning my own business though, has always been that I have constantly had all the responsibilities and pressures, BUT when I CHOSE freedom and took time out to be with my family or friends - I WASN’T EARNING!!

The bills always kept rolling in, but sadly the income didn’t !!!

I could ONLY earn when I was THERE, working it. Trading hours for dollars.

Catch22 right? Does it sound familiar?

You want the time freedom -soyou have to give up the financial freedom,

OR you want financial freedom – so you’ve gotta give up your time freedom

But what if you could find something that gave REAL freedom and would also allow you to not Just Be GETTING BY, not Just be Doing OK.

I know I wanted MORE. - and

I don’t think I’m alone!!

So this opportunity came along.

A chance to build a business that will keep paying me - even when I retire, something that I can will to my children if something happens to me.

Phenomenal Right??

This is like nothing I had ever found before.

And so I did some digging. (I’m a teeny bit of a research nerd!)

And there were some really important pieces of the puzzle that THIS particular company provided for me, when I started looking deeper.

Out of all of the companies providing a similar structure, THIS company is consistently creating million dollar earners - regular Joe’s actually having massive success, not just the fat cats at the top of the chain!!

over 1200 millionaires created- and counting


There’s also incredible solid science behind every product - the products are CLEAN and Toxin free (and that’s important to me)

 These products also truly and consistently DELIVER RESULTS, they actually do what they say they’ll do!! which is REFRESHING !!

- but thatalso means I have confidence recommending any of these products to my friends, family, and people I care about).

And then to top it all off, ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS are what PEOPLE WANT. They fill a void!

They provide solutions to the everyday persons problems!!

Anti ageing, feeling youthful, health & wellbeing


The most important thing I discovered though was THIS company’s HUGE heart.

And it's massive commitment to giving back.

With Foundations, and initiatives to feed starving children around the world, provide education programs and life saving surgeries, build libraries and so much more.

I am thrilled and honoured to be a Nourish the Children Ambassador, feeding nourishing meals to starving children in areas where there are no options for food.

Becoming a Network Marketing Professional and partnering with Nu Skin has enabled me to be a part of something special.

And, I LOVE that my success only increases when I help others succeed.

No dog eat dog scenario here – SOOOO refreshing.


You know, my mind gave me a million reasons why NOT to take this opportunity. I was so engrained in the old ways of doing business, doing things the way I knew, the way I’d been taught.

But you know what?

The world is changing at a rapid pace


That’s the harsh reality for a lot of businesses out there.


It’s time to do business differently, to work differently and to EMBRACE THE NEW.

What attracted me to Network Marketing was that I could see very clearly that this was the best vehicle to help me maintain my time freedom without having to sacrifice my lifestyle, and also allowing me to create freedom with my finances and work with team support and lots of fun.

Once starting to use these all natural products based on Solid Science - I have never looked back! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how my skin looks and feels.

SO here I am loving more time, more money and more fun in my life.


Could this be for you?

Does any of this sound interesting to you? You may not know much about network marketing but that doesn't matter. If you are open to trying something different and are coach-able, then you can do it. We didn't know anything about it either, but we are open to new possibilities and we are are both life-long learners, so very coach able -)

If this is something that you want to find out more about, speak to the person who directed you to this site or contact us


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